Au revoir, Veolia! ‘Ey ‘up Yourbus!

As many readers will no doubt be aware, Veolia recently announced their decision to withdraw from the majority of their services in north Nottinghamshire. At the time of the announcement, I wrote a piece for the Omnibuses Blog giving a brief overview of how the Veolia operations had come and gone. Now, however, we can look to the future.

Yourbus have added a new section to their website, detailing their new services.

Dunn Motor Traction, trading as Yourbus, are to take over the majority of Veolia’s former routes in the Retford area, and proudly boast on their website that they have previous experience in the area. Some may recall that, prior to Veolia taking over in 2006, Dunn-Line operated the 34 (Tuxford – Worksop), 36 (Ollerton – Retford) and 38 (Tuxford – Retford) services. Indeed, the 36 and 38 are passing to Yourbus from the 07th June 2010.

The new timetables do show some interesting variations, and indeed, some completely new services. An important change sees the 36 move from leaving Retford and Ollerton on the hour, to leaving at 35 minutes past the hour. This means the service avoids running through Tuxford and East Markham at the same time as the Marshall’s 37 service, which was re-routed last October.

The 38 timetable also shows improvements, with the number of journeys increased from only 4 per-day in each direction, to a total 5 through journeys (with the 06:48 starting at Laxton, Monday to Friday) and 1 short journey, which runs a return journey Retford – Ordsall – Elkesley only.

The most major changes are to the former 89, 91/92 and 93 services. These now operate as the 89, which runs Retford to East Drayton via Grove, Treswell, Cottam and Stokeham. There are 3 full journeys in each direction, and an extra service at 15:00 which runs from East Drayton, direct back to Retford. The 90/90A/90B service replaces the former 89 route between Tuxford, Dunham on Trent and Laneham, and the former 91/92 between Rampton, Woodbeck and Retford. This service operates hourly, with some variations in the mornings and evenings, with 90A services running via Grove and Treswell, and the 90B (am only) serving North Leverton.

Yourbus also provide some journeys on the 95/95a services, at peak and school times. The majority of the daytime service being provided by Stagecoach. The new 95 replaces much of the old 94 route via North Wheatley, Sturton le Steeple and North Leverton. The service operates 2 hourly from Gainsborough to Retford for much of the day, with an hourly service between Retford and Sturton le Steeple.

These are by no means all of the changes that have been made, and I’ve simply provided a brief overview of some of the main differences. Over the next few days, I also hope to be able to provide an overview of the changes to the Ollerton local services, and the 32 (Newark – Ollerton) and 35 (Ollerton – Retford) services which have passed to Travel Wright. The 34 service between Worksop and Tuxford has been retained by Veolia, and will now operate from their Rotherham base, along with their Worksop town service.

Further information can be found on the operators websites;

YourBus Website

Stagecoach 95 Timetable


4 thoughts on “Au revoir, Veolia! ‘Ey ‘up Yourbus!

  1. Veolia should be retaining the 34, operating it from Rotherham. AFAIK they never gave that or their Worksop town services up, and also re-won the tender for other Worksop routes the 9 and 83/84. I think the idea is that dead mileage from Rotherham to Worksop isn’t too bad, but the 83/84 for example will still have a lot of dead mileage from Rotherham to Gainsborough

    • You are quite correct, as it appears. A quick check on Traveline reveals the new timetable, which has a number of journeys re-timed (the first bus from Worksop to Tuxford, for example, isn’t until 12:35). Will involve some dead mileage from Rotherham – Tuxford, though, again, this isn’t that far from Worksop. Thanks for the comment. Most welcome.

  2. There are some earlier journeys on the 34 but they run as a 34A, which is shown as a different timetable on the Traveline site. Some big changes to the 9 and 83 too, though the Worksop Town Services appear to have no major changes. Hopefully when Nottinghamshire County Council update their site the changes will be a lot easier to spot!

  3. That’s the major issue with Traveline – the fact that they treat minor service variations as separate services (unless they have the same number). Once NCC update their site I’ll have a proper look, and see if I can make sense of it then!

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