Nottinghamshire Transport Survey

Nottinghamshire County Council are currently developing their Local Transport Plan, and as part of this are conducting a consultation via their website. This consultation runs until 18th July 2010, and I’d urge all readers who use transport (be it public or personal) in Nottinghamshire to complete the brief survey.

The council had previously conduced a survey which revealed that the majority of respondents saw the role of transport being to support economic growth. However, over 64% of these respondents (there were 906 in total) felt that public transport often left them unable to get where they wanted to go. 62% said they felt unsafe using public transport, and 44% responded that services were unreliable and vehicle quality was poor.

What the survey highlights, again, is that public transport has a poor image. People often view its usage as a last resort, or even (to extremes) as a sign of personal failure.  While some companies, such as TrentBarton are moving to promote high quality travel, and change attitudes towards public transport through innovations such as their MANGO smartcard, there remains an ingrained public disdain towards buses and trains.

If we, as a country, are trying to be more eco-friendly, then public transport is clearly the way forward. However, there needs to be a significant change in public opinions. How this can be achieved, we cannot say!

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A lifelong public transport user, enthusiast and occasional photographer. My travels take me around the country, occasionally overseas, but my most frequent journeys see me cross the River Trent on a regular basis. So the moniker of Trentside Traveller came about, and now I'm blogging about my travels, and the latest changes to public transport in the Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire area.

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