Then and Now: #1 – Newark Town Services in 1974

Damon’s recent post on evening and Sunday services mentioned many of the changes brought about following the demise of Veolia’s Tuxford operations. This post will draw comparisons using the Lincolnshire (NBC) timetable booklet, issued from 24th May 1974.

In 1974, the town services were numbered 80-82/84, with services 7A (Lincoln to Newark via Bassingham) and 35 (Newark to Sleaford) providing a roughly 2 hourly service between Newark and Coddington. Service 83 provides 2 return journeys to Barnby in the Willows on Wednesdays and Saturdays only.

Service 80 ran between Newark Bus Station and Farndon. The service ran daily, running mostly to an hourly frequency. On market days (Wednesday and Saturday) the service ran to a 30 minute frequency throughout the day. The first Sunday journey was at 11:00, then an hourly service was provided from 13:00 to 22:00. The last bus ran at 22:00 daily, with an hourly service provided 19:00-22:00. In 2010, Newark-Farndon services are provided on services 54 (Bingham) and 90 (Nottingham) providing a half hourly frequency. The successor to the 80, the 84, which ran Newark-Farndon only (every 30 minutes) was withdrawn by Stagecoach in 2006 – being replaced by the 54/90.

The May 1974 timetable for the 80 between Newark Bus Station and Farndon.

The next service featured in the timetable is 81 between Newark and Balderton. Mondays to Fridays, in 1974, the frequency was every 20 minutes, with two morning journeys at 07:15 and 08:15 running via the Worthington Simpson factory. On Saturdays (market days) a 10 minute frequency was maintained between 09:00 and 17:00, and Sundays saw the route run to an unusual 40 minute frequency. Daily, the last bus was at 22:45 with a (roughly) 40 minute frequency fro 19:20 – 22:45. In 2010, the 1/2 services serve Balderton every 15 minutes, but also extend half-hourly through to Coddington (1) and the Lincoln Road Estates (2). Evening services are provided on the 3A via Hawtonville, Thursday to Saturday only.

Service 82 provided a 20 minute frequency between Gainsborough Drive and Hawtonville (Gill House) running via Church Walk instead of Newark Bus Station. The saturday service was every 15 minutes, and the Sunday service ran to a 20 minute frequency on Sunday afternoons only. The last bus from Gainsborough Drive was at 22:57 (Mon-Fri) and from Gill House (to Lombard Street) at 23:19. This journey ran a few minutes earlier on Saturdays, and not on Sundays. By 2010, the 82 had long been split, with the 3 providing a 15 minute frequency to Hawtonville and the 2 serving the Winthorpe Road Estates, and the S7L/66/67 serving the end of Gainsborough Drive.

The final 1974 town service was the 84, this ran from Hawtonville (Grange Road) to Yorke Drive, which ran weekdays only. The frequency was every 20 minutes, and the last bus ran at 22:50 from Yorke Drive and from Grange Road (to Lombard Street) at 23:07. The route also ran via Church Walk, and not via the Bus Station. Again, in 2010 services are provided to Hawtonville by the 3 and to Yorke Road via the 2.

The timetable for the 83 between Newark and Barnby and the 84 town service.

This post will hopefully form part of an occasional series, looking at old timetables, and the history of bus routes in the area covered by this blog.

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