Be the voice of the buses!

Nottingham City Transport are currently advertising on their website for two volunteers to provide on bus announcements for their Go2 45 and 77 routes. To quote the company website directly;

This innovative new system will announce the name of the next bus stop as the bus travels along the route as well as the final destination for the route and places of interest/important buildings at key stops. Stop announcements will be particularly beneficial to blind and partially sighted bus users as they travel around the network, as well as customers making journeys on new routes for the first time.

The vehicles involved are also to receive on vehicle tracking systems as part of the £2 million scheme, to also provide visual stop information onboard. The system will also be capable of transmitting information to bus stop information systems, so passengers are kept informed of delays which are occurring on their local route.

Each route will use a different voice, chosen from volunteers in the local community. These people will receive a years free bus travel on NCT services. This is along similar lines to marketing techniques used by other operators, where pictures of local people are used on the sides and rears of their buses to promote the service.

With the following services to be fitted over the course of the year, a number of people are likely to be required;

  • Navy Line 1, 2, 3, 4, 48
  • Green Line 6, 10, 11
  • Brown Line 17
  • Pink Line 28, 30, 31
  • Orange Line 34, 35, 36, 37
  • Go2 45
  • Yellow Line 68, 69
  • Turquoise Line 77, 78, 79
  • Citylink 1, Citylink 2 and Skylink.

While the use of such a system will likely benefit many who may struggle to use the bus, my personal hope would be that the system is not too intrusive for regular customers, and is not used to constantly bombard customers with needless announcements – or as some commuters in London recently experienced, all the announcements in the systems memory.

For anyone interested, details of how to submit a sample announcement can be found here.

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