NCT – Go2 44/45

Nottingham City Transport have recently posted the following on their Facebook page in response to reliability issues on circular services 44/45:

We will be separating the 44 and 45 routes from September to enable us to restore reliability on the route, which we have received considerable criticism from customers about for a long time. The vast majority of customers on the 44, 45 are travelling into the City Centre and not using the through facility at Gedling and will be unaffected.

The 44 will operate from the City Centre to Gedling via Colwick and Netherfield and the 45 will operate from the City Centre to Gedling via Mapperley. Buses will show the same number in both directions. The frequency on both the 44, 45 will be increased to up to every 8 minutes on Monday to Saturday daytimes and every 20 minutes on Sunday daytimes.

It just so happens that the 44/45 is the local route of the blog’s author, and an improvement to reliability would be welcome. I can’t help but feel that the increased frequency from Gedling to the City Centre via Mapperley, is a response to Premiere’s Red7 route which now provides a 15 minute frequency from Mapperley top to the City Centre. The Red7 will also continue to provide a through service between Netherfield, Gedling and Mapperley (a connection to Carlton / Netherfield railway stations from Mapplerley).

The arrangement of the new routes seems to be similar to the old 20/50 routes that operated prior to the Go2 network changes, which were also provided with 7-8 minute frequencies.

Nottingham City Transport are planning further service changes from September 2010, with many routes up for revision. These changes will be featured here as they are announced.


2 thoughts on “NCT – Go2 44/45

  1. The old 50 was every 7-8 mins; the new one will be ‘upto every 8 minutes’ – so still not as frequent, never mind more frequent.

    • You are, of course, completely correct. Having re-checked my old timetable for the 50 (admittedly, it dates from 1990) it does show an 8 minute frequency. I’m not a Nottingham native, and have only lived there post-Go2 changes, so you’ll have to forgive me there. Thanks for letting me know.

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