NCT September Service Changes

Nottingham City Transport are making extensive changes to their network from 5th September 2010. The full details are now available on their website.

At a glance, the changes are summarised below:

  • South Notts – The One – Additional school journeys, and some timetable changes.
  • Navy Line 2/2B – Peak frequency up to every 10 minutes. Some changes to evening route, no longer serving Summerwood Lane loop.
  • Unilink 4 – Buses run from NTU Clifton Campus 3 minutes earlier towards the City. City Centre stopping arrangements have also been amended.
  • Go2 Green Line – 10 – Changes to Sunday timetable.
  • Brown Line 15/16 – Timetable changes Mon-Fri afternoons.
  • Go2 Brown Line – 17 – Frequency upped to every 8 minutes.
  • Go2 Lilac Line – 21 – City centre stop now moved to Queen Street.
  • Lilac Line 23/24 – Becomes Go2 43 (Red Line), with frequency of every 8 minutes (Mon-Sat daytime).
  • Lilac Line 25/27 – Revised timetable on the 25, plus new service 24 to Holyoake Road, to double frequency on Westdale Lane. Additional evening buses on 27.
  • Go2 Pink Line 28 – Frequency up to every 8 minutes.
  • Pink Line 30 – Revised timetable, plus peak frequency up to every 15 minutes.
  • Unilink 31 – Revised timetable.
  • Unilink 34 – Increased to every 7/8 minutes, and a new evening service running every 15 minutes. Changes to City Centre stopping arrangements.
  • Blue Line 40/41/42 – Changes to City Centre stopping arrangements and route.
  • Go2 Red Line 44 – Daytime frequency confirmed as every 8 minutes. City Centre stop will move from Queen Street to King Street.
  • G02 Sky Blue Line 45 – Replaces former Red Line 45, with a daytime frequency of every 7 minutes. New vehicles to be introduced.
  • Go2 Turquoise Line 77 – Daytime frequency now every 7/8 minutes and changes to City Centre stopping arrangements.
  • Turquoise Line 78/79 – Daytime frequency up to 15 minutes, providing a 7/8 minute frequency between the City and Nuthall Road. Some routeing changes (on school days) and city centre stop re-arrangements.
  • Purple Line 87/88 – Buses will operate 5 minutes earlier.
  • Go2 Purple Line 89 – Daytime frequency up to every 8 minutes.
  • Pathfinder 100 – Changes to timetable, and extension of service 26 journeys at 16:35 and 17:45 through to Lowdham. New N100 night service on Fridays/Saturdays.
  • Some changes to LocalLink routes.
  • Nightlink sees a fare increase to £2.50, and changes to the N27/N28 routes.

For details and the full timetables, please see the Nottingham City Transport website (linked to above).


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