Then & Now: #2 – Lincoln to Brigg via Glentham

From September 2010, Stagecoach have cancelled their registration for the 11C/20 service, which runs between Lincoln, Welton, Glentham and Waddingham (before running back to Lincoln in service via the A15). PC Coaches have submitted a registration for the W34D, between Waddingham and Lincoln, though exact routing and timetable details are not yet available.

The 20 at the terminus in Glentham. From here onwards it runs as the 11C back to Lincoln.

The current 11C/20 route was, in 1974 (20th May timetable), run by Lincolnshire as service 4, a route from Lincoln to New Holland via Brigg, to allow for connection to the Humber ferries. Four journeys ran in each direction, running to RAF Scampton, then to Hackthorn, omitting Welton, and on to Glentham, Waddingham and Brigg. These departed Lincoln at 08:30 (arriving in Brigg at 09:52, and New Holland at 10:50, for the 11:30 ferry), then 11:30, 14:30 and 19:00 – with similar journey times. Returns from New Holland ran at 08:05 (School Days), 09:00 (Not School Days), 11:45, 15:30 (‘Passengers Change Cars’ – at Brigg) and 18:00. There were similar journeys on Saturdays, and 3 journeys provided on Sundays.

By 1982, the Humber Bridge had removed the need for the New Holland ferries, and the 4 was operating between Lincoln and Brigg only*. The first journey towards Lincoln ran as an extension of service 1 (which operated between Welton and Waddington). The service was similar to the present day 11C, starting from Glentham at 07:46, and running via Welton, Scothern and Nettleham. A return was provided at 16:05 (Mon-Fri only) from Lincoln. Which worked back to Lincoln at 17:13 via the same route. Service 4 continued to follow the same route via RAF Scampton and Hackthorn, towards Brigg – with 4 journeys in each direction. The route is, by this stage, shown as having no Sunday service.

The 1982 timetable for service 4.

The next timetable I possess for the route shows the 11C/20 arrangement from the RoadCar era, dated 15th April 2002. The 20 leaves Lincoln at 07:07, running to Glentham (not serving Waddingham / Bishop Norton), from where it forms the 11C at 07:35, running into Lincoln via Welton and Scothern, to terminate at 08:31. The evening return leaves at 17:20, reaching Glentham for 18:18, with the 20 returning to Lincoln at 18:45. Through services to Brigg have long been discontinued (though the exact date is unknown – any help would be appreciated). The final (and current) Stagecoach timetable sees the 20 leave Lincoln at 06:48, and extended to serve Waddingham and Bishop Norton, before continuing the 11C to the same timetable as shown above.

In addition to the above, Dents Coaches provide once weekly service 9811 between Brigg and Lincoln on Fridays only. This follows a similar route to the old 4, leaving Brigg at 09:20 and returning from Lincoln at 13:45.

* In 2010, Stagecoach still provide a service between Brigg and Barton on Humber (which was included in the New Holland section of the old service 4), numbered 450. The route is worked by Grimsby-Cleethorpes and was inherited from RoadCar. The timetable is available here.

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14 thoughts on “Then & Now: #2 – Lincoln to Brigg via Glentham

  1. I have a Lincolnshire South Humberside timetable from July 1980. At this point the service between Brigg and New Holland was numbered 171. Monday to Saturday the 4 left Lincoln at 0830, 1130, 1430 and 1800. There was also a weekdays only service 4A from Lincoln to Glentham at 1605 – this did not serve RAF Scampton. Return services from Brigg were at 1000, 1300, 1605 and 1930. A Mon-Sat 4A left Glentham at 0746 and a Mon-Fri 4A left at 1713. On Sundays service 4 left Lincoln at 1225 and 1600, returning from Brigg at 1350 and 1750.

    Service 171 had departures from Brigg Mon-Sat at 0850, 1000, 1300, 1600, 1735 and 1930. Departures from New Holland were at 0742, 0900, 1200, 1500 and 1830. Sundays saw departures from Brigg at 1350 and 1730 and from New Holland at 1645 and 1840. There was also a 1312 South Ferriby-Brigg that connected from service 110 (New Holland-Scunthorpe).

    The Brigg-Barton service has seen many changes over the years. I am sure at one point the service was down to just a Thursday and Saturday (plus school days) service. In the mid ‘noughties’ it had an hourly service but this was cut back in September 2006 when North Lincolnshire Council reduced it’s tendered service budget and the service became 3-5 departures a day. Back in April further cuts were made to timetable, which is the current one linked to above.

    • Thankyou for that very interesting comment, and I appreciate the additional input on the changes to the route beyond Brigg. It appears that the withdrawal of the Sunday service coincided with the opening of the Humber Bridge.

      Cutbacks seem to have been a major feature on this corridor. A recent trip on the 11C saw it only pick up a handful of passengers, and I’d be interested to see what levels of traffic the 9811 picks up between Waddingham and Hackthorn. Am I correct in thinking that the 450 has also been under threat of being cut all together quite recently, hence the current timetable?

      I believe at one point there was a direct Lincoln-Hull service provided via the Humber Bridge, by Enterprise & Silver Dawn (Waddington). I’m not sure of the exact details of this route, but I believe it was connected with a daytime shoppers service E&SD have won the contract for in Hull.

  2. The 450 contract was handed back by Stagecoach to North Lincolnshire Council – they then won the emergency tender. This prompted fears that the service would be cancelled all together, but looking back, I don’t really think that was ever going to happen, despite it being a theoretical possibility. The 450 has a substantial schools flow, and if it had been withdrawn would have left Horkstow, Saxby, Bonby and Worlaby with only a Tesco bus and a service to the Scunthorpe colleges. I don’t think the service provision would be ever be reduced to this level which would leave the four villages almost isolated public transport wise. Considering the service levels other places within North Lincolnshire have, the four villages would have been very underserved. Even if it means cutting back elsewhere, I think the service should retain it’s schools service a basic weekday shopping link to Brigg if nothing else long term. It will however be interesting to see if any further changes get made. There probably is scope to reduce the current 450 timetable a bit if needed (the service actually gained extra Saturday journeys in April)

  3. New PC Coaches timetable on the Traveline East Midlands website, using service number 20. Will depart Waddingham at 0723 and Lincoln City Bus Station at 1720. Interesting to note is a set down only restriction at Welton on the inbound journey. I presume this is to protect Satgecoach’s commercial services from revenue abstraction.

    • Thats correct – I presume there will be a pick up only restriction for the same reason on the return, it just hasn’t been marked yet. What is interesting is that there wouldn’t appear to be any stops it’ll use in Welton except the Green, and it will run via the route of the 3B inwards, non-stop. Shame I won’t be able to travel this service.

  4. Stagecoach service 11C is shown on Traveline as running Welton-Lincoln only, ex-Welton 08:00am, and ex-Lincoln 17:20 with effect from the 01st September 2010. This is the most well used part of the 20/11C so it will be interesting to see how the 20 does on its own – without the Welton-Scothern-Nettleham-Lincoln section.

  5. Everyone is hereby invited on the last ever 11C/20, I want to try and get as many passengers on the (inward) 20 as it has ever had – the record stands at… one, to the absolute best of my knowledge.

    Lets try and get that up to at least two!

    • Certainly interesting. I have a timetable for that route somewhere. At one point I believe it was worked through as far as Farndon from Newark, but I’ve not got the timetable to hand at the moment to check.

  6. In a backwards kind of move, the PC Coaches service 20 has suddenly been removed from traveline east midlands, and the Stagecoach one re-instated. In additon, an application was granted under short notice to change the timetable of the Stagecoach 11C/20 – which begs the question of who will be operating this on Monday morning, and is today the last time by Stagecoach?

  7. It was a bit of a surprise to me PC Coaches won it in the first place, since Stagecoach have the advantage that they can combine it with their commercial Welton-Lincoln service. I wonder if PC Coaches have realised the sums don’t add up?

    • The busiest section of the entire 20/11C route is the Welton-Scothern-Nettleham-Lincoln section, as it is the main commuter run, arriving in Lincoln at 08:34. Without that, I’m not sure how viable the rest of the route would be.

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