Stagecoach East Midlands: Service Changes

Firstly, I’d like to apologise for the lack of updates to this blog over the past few weeks. This has largely been due to the author being on his travels, though unfortunately, I didn’t manage to escape the rather unusual August weather.

Now, returning to the topic, there are a number of changes being made to Stagecoach East Midland’s network from Monday, 6th September 2010, and these are summarised below:

Lincoln & Grantham

The InterConnect 1 sees a few minor changes, with a new afternoon journey added from The Priory Witham Academy (Cross O’Cliff Hill, Lincoln) to Waddingtion at 15:20 on school days only. The 16:11 journey, ex-Welbourn is cutback to Wellingore, departing there at 16:17, and the 16:30 ex-Grantham and 16:42 ex-Highcliffe Road journeys will no longer operate. New timetable can be viewed here.

The ‘Executive Connect’ 3 and X3 services are seeing some minor timetabling changes. The majority of X3 journeys depart Lincoln 5 minutes later than with the present timetable, which is presumably to account for late running, which has been a problem on the X3 towards Newark. In addition, the service now conforms to domestic drivers hours legislation – being registered in seperate sections between Lincoln and Market Rasen, then Market Rasen and Grimsby – though this is merely a technicality, with the bus working through with the same driver. The new timetable can be viewed here.

In addition to the above, there are also the previously discussed changes to the 20 (PC Coaches taking over the route) and the 11C being curtailed at Welton as a result. Finally, the afternoon journey on school service 566 is withdrawn.

Gainsborough & Retford

Service 95 is listed as being amended to serve South Leverton village, and the 97 sees the 07:33 journey ex-Clayworth and 15:55 ex-Gainsborough journeys amended and re-numbered as the 97a. Additionally, there are minor changes to the 100/101 with some early morning journeys re-timed. The 521/524 school services are also withdrawn, and replaced by the 97a, 595 and 597. Timetables can be found here.

The Retford town services have been slightly revised, with the 08:49 from Hallcroft cut back to the bus station, leaving there for Ordsall at 09:05. The 15:10 from the bus station, will also no longer service Hallcroft – running directly to Galway Crescent. A journey will be added at 16:20 from the Bus Station to Hallcroft, terminating at Windsor Road. The new timetable can be viewed here.


Just some minor amendments to the town services. On service 3 to Hawtonville, the 09:00 ex-Castlegate, will now start from Gill House at 09:10. On service 1, the Thursday-Saturday journey at 23:15 from Castlegate, will run to Coddington and then continue to Collingham.


A number of changes are also taking place at Scunthorpe depot, where Hornsby Travel are taking on some tenders from Stagecoach, and the remaining 909 journeys between Scunthorpe and Doncaster as withdrawn. The Humber Transport blog has already detailed these changes, so I can do no better than provide a link there.


3 thoughts on “Stagecoach East Midlands: Service Changes

  1. Thanks for the link back

    Arguably the biggest Stagecoach East Midlands changes are in Hull, but so far no details, just VOSA registrations. There are also changes due to the Humber Flyer (covered on my blog) along with a minor change to Grimsby’s depots service 45.

  2. That afternoon 566 had just four schoolchildren, me and a passenger counter from Lincolnshire County Council on it when I travelled on it, so it was clear it was coming to an end then.
    In addition, the new timetable says that the new afternoon 1 journey from LSST will actually go further than Waddington – but I can’t remember how far I’m afraid!

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