Premiere: Red4

My thanks to regular commenter Humber Transport, for drawing the following registration to my attention:

Registration Accepted
Starting Point: Long Eaton
Finish Point: Nottingham
Via: Brier Gate, QMC
Service Number: RED 4
Service Type: Normal Stopping
Effective Date: 14-NOV-2010
Other Details: Monday To Saturday every 20 min Sunday every 30 min

Premiere’s latest registration launches a direct attack on TrentBarton’s successful Indigo route (formerly the Rainbow 5), which was the subject of a high-profile re-launch in 2008. The present Indigo timetable sees the Briar Gate-Long Eaton section of the route provided with 20 minute frequency, but the Long Eaton – QMC – Nottingham section sees a bus every 6-7 minutes, when the Briar Gate/Long Eaton service joins the main route to Derby (every 20 minutes) and Loughborough (hourly).

The Indigo route is by far one of the most successful and well known TrentBarton routes, and it will be interesting to see how successfully a 20 minute frequency will compete on such a well served corridor (no doubt price will be a key factor), and also how Trent will look to defend their service.

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6 thoughts on “Premiere: Red4

  1. It doesn’t appear to the competing with the indigo, the registration appears to be Long Eaton – Briar Gate – QMC – Nottingham. So its possible that the Red4 will take on the Rainbow 4 rather than indigo.

    Remember not too long ago Premieres 17 went Stapleford – Attenborough – Beeston – QMC – Nottingham but had to be curtailed at Beeston because there was no money in it for them. Interestingly though, the 17 has been extended through to Nottingham from the Stapleford end of the route. So it appears that Premiere are attempting to compete on all of Trents Stapleford routes 15/18/21/R4.

    Will be interesting times ahead, but a possible key here for TrentBarton is the Commuter Express coaches, could we possibly see these out for more time during the day?

    • Thanks for the comment.

      Running over the Stapleford route would be logical, as the route number is RED4. Even so, there are still a significant number of Trent services over that corridor throughout the day. In reality, not dissimilar to the number of services over the Indigo corridor. I do feel Premiere are up against it on this one, whichever route the service does take!

  2. I really do hope that this is not a direct duplicate of Indigo. There are already way to many buses through Beeston as it is. The congested Beeston Bus Station – Cator lane section saw 11 (R5, 18) buses an hour 4 years ago. It is now 24 (Indigo, 17,18,36.Y36). This really is causing an issue.

  3. If this missing out beeston then great. I avoid the indigos coz they go thru there. Only prob is I buy an annydl Trent cash saver, so not going pay for different service.

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