Bargain Bus – Service 4

Following on from the announcement of the new Premiere Red4 service between Briar Gate, Stapleford and Nottingham, the Bargain Bus (the new name for the 99P Bus) have registered a service over the same route, with a start date of the 29th November 2010.

While the Red4 extends from Briar Gate to Long Eaton – the new Bargain Bus route 4 starts from Briar Gate, timed to run 3 minutes ahead of the Red4 service. In the return direction from Broadmarsh, Bargain Bus journeys are timed 5 minutes ahead of the Red4.

In contrast, the Bargain Bus 4 does not operate in the evenings or on Sundays.

Bargain Bus – Service 4 Timetable

Premiere – Red4 Timetable

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A lifelong public transport user, enthusiast and occasional photographer. My travels take me around the country, occasionally overseas, but my most frequent journeys see me cross the River Trent on a regular basis. So the moniker of Trentside Traveller came about, and now I'm blogging about my travels, and the latest changes to public transport in the Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire area.

2 thoughts on “Bargain Bus – Service 4

  1. 13 buses an hour over much this route now, a route that has never been that busy through the day. I suspect we may see the endgame on this one.

    Added to Wellglade’s registration of a duplicate of Premiere’s X9 (as I have commented elsewhere) the seem to be coming out fighting. I’m not sure whether this could be construed as anti-competitive by the CC?

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