Kinchbus 9 – An Update

As many readers are no doubt aware, the current situation (or ‘bus war’) between the Wellglade Group (owners of TrentBarton, Kinchbus etc) and Premiere Travel is continuing to escalate. Not only has Premiere launched a Facebook page for a Red5 service (awaiting VOSA registration details – though service number is a clue), but the timetable for the Kinchbus service between Nottingham and Loughborough has also been published on Traveline. This directly competes with Premiere’s X9 service.

The 9 runs to an irregular frequency, but there is roughly one journey per hour, with some additional runs at peak times. Services are operated from Lougborough (Baxter Gate) to Nottingham (Broadmarsh Bus Station), and all are timed to run 5 minutes ahead of an X9 journey. Like the current services provided by Bargain Bus, there are no evening  or Sunday services.

I apologise for featuring another post on the Wellglade-Premiere situation, but as it appears that neither side is willing to back down, this ‘bus war’ could be with us for sometime to come.


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