Service 42D: Retford to Worksop

As reader’s may be aware, the 42/43 routes between Retford and Worksop were enhanced earlier in the year, with all journeys now extending to Retford to provide a half hourly service (the 43 previously terminated at Manton Wood). At the same time, all journeys were re-routed via the A57 and Manton Wood Enterprise Park, before joining the A1 to serve the village of Ranby. A Sunday service was also added through to Retford, and evening journeys significantly enhanced. An additional stop at Retford railway station was also added to the newly extended 43. These changes (according to the local press) were made by Nottinghamshire County Council and Stagecoach to secure access to the European Regional Development Fund, and to improve access to employment for people in the local community.

An article in the Retford Times about the removal of the Osberton stop from the 42 bus service.

Sadly, although the service had been significantly enhanced, the 42 no longer served B6079 and the rural communities at Scofton and Osberton. The local residents were unhappy and organised a petition to the local council for the restoration of the service, and despite recent cut-backs to transport budgets, Nottinghamshire County Council have obliged and Stagecoach are to begin running new service 42D from Monday, 23rd May 2011. On school days, there will be 5 return journeys from Worksop to Retford via the B6079, an additional journey will run in the evening as far as Ranby, where it connects with the 17:40 ex-Retford 42 service. Saturdays and school holidays see 4 return journeys, plus the single return journey to Ranby. With the exception of these journeys, all the remainder omit Ranby village, running direct into Retford.

Timetable from 23/05/11

Timetables (External Links):

Services 42/43 – Worksop to Retford via Manton Wood (Stagecoach)

Service 42D – Worksop to Retford via B6079 (Stagecoach)

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