Lincoln to Newark: Service Changes

During the recent round of service changes, bus services between Lincoln and Newark were heavily revised. The X3 service was axed after only 10 months of operation, KJB’s 87 was reduced to just 4 journeys per day (only 3 through to Newark) and the former 46 was heavily revised into a new service 48, now operated by KJB. At the same time, Stagecoach introduced a new 46 direct between Lincoln, North Hykeham and Witham St Hughs – extending to Bassingham, via Thurlby (also a single return extending to Newark).

Stagecoach 33206 is seen on the current, once daily extension of service 46 from Bassingham to Newark.

From Monday, 06th June 2011 the timetables on the 46, 47 (old 87) and 48 are being revised. Firstly, Stagecoach are adding some additional Monday to Friday only journeys to the 46. These new journeys operate from Newark (through to Lincoln) at 0615 and 1615, and from Lincoln (through to Newark) at 0740 and 1730.

The new timetable for the Stagecoach 46 service from 06/06/2011.

The KJB service changes see the timetables changed to alter timings on a number of journeys, and there isn’t room to list all of these here, but I have provided links to the new timetables below. A few journeys on the 48 are now operating a ‘circular’ service in the opposite direction to that run previously, so the 1310 from Lincoln now runs via Thorpe, North Scarle and Swinderby before serving Witham St Hughs while the current timetable has it do this in the opposite direction. The 47 sees some journeys re-timed, but the same number of journeys remain, with 3 return journeys to Newark and 1 running only as far as Brant Broughton.

New Timetables (External Links):

Service 46 – Lincoln to Newark, via Witham St Hughs and Bassingham [Stagecoach]

Service 47 – Lincoln to Newark via Carlton le Moorland and Brant Broughton [KJB]

Service 48 – Lincoln to Witham St Hughs via Thorpe, North Scarle and Swinderby [KJB]


2 thoughts on “Lincoln to Newark: Service Changes

  1. Just think, a few years ago under RoadCar, what is now the 47 used to run generally hourly as an 87 with extras as 88 serving Norton Disney and Stapleford. Used to catch the 6.0am Pathfinder from Nottingham to Newark, changing to the 6.55am 87 to Lincoln, then the 9.0am no.6 to Skegness, returning via reverse route at 5.0pm (6), 7.0pm (87) and 8.30ish 101. Try doing a return trip from Nottingham to Skeg by bus now….

    • I used to be a regular user of the 87/88 service from Lincoln to Newark, but since it passed to KJB in 2006 it became far less useful. My main issue was the slack in the timetable, which resulted in frequent stops to wait time – nothing was ever done about this issue to the best of my knowledge. I’ve yet to use the 47 to compare.

      I very much doubt a Nottingham to Skegness journey would be feasible, unless you only wanted to spend an hour or so at the coast…

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