July 2011: Service Changes Summary

There are various upcoming service changes in Nottinghamshire over the next month. These changes are summarised below, listed by company.

Stagecoach East Midlands

Newark Town Services:

Due to the closure of Lombard Street, Stagecoach are introducing revised timetables on the Newark town services from Monday, 18th July. In summary, services 1/2 are unable to operate across town, and as a result the routes to and from Balderton will terminate on Appleton Gate – the stop which has been disused for a number of years. The Coddington (1) and Lincoln Road (2) services will continue to originate from Castle Gate. On Sundays, the 2 will extend from Appleton Gate to the Wharf.

The 3 (Hawtonville) route will be able to use Lombard Street out-bound, but will divert via Boundary Lane and Mill Gate inbound. As far as I’m aware, Mill Gate has never had a regular bus service using it before.

Premiere Travel

Revised timetable on the Phoenix Flyer, from 25th July. The daytime service is extended to Wharncliffe Road in Ilkeston, with an additional stop on Bath Street. The daytime frequency of 30 minutes is maintained, but evening and Sunday journeys are withdrawn.

The Red2 is also being amended from the same date, with the service now originating from Broadmarsh Bus Station, instead of Friar Lane. The 20 minute frequency continues, but evening and Sunday services are withdrawn.

Trent Barton

Possibly the biggest news from TrentBarton is that the Indigo is going to be running 24/7 from 24/07. There will be a half-hourly service through Beeston, Chilwell and Long Eaton, and hourly services to East Midlands Airport. Sunday services will also be improved.

The Leicester Xprss starts from 25th July, and is being advertised as a day trip to the High Cross Centre in Leicester and according to their newsletter, the return fare will be under £5, far less that the un-discounted adult train fare.

Consultation is also being run on changes to the ‘nines’ group of routes. This would involve changes to the 9.3 and the integration of route 90 as the 9.4. Details of how to give your thoughts on the proposals are on the TrentBarton website.

Nottingham City Transport

The most major change at NCT sees the Lilac Line 21 service to the Carlton Valley become the Go2 Blue line 39, along with a more direct route into the city centre along Bath Street and King Edward Street. Frequency is every 10 minutes, and 15-20 minutes in the evenings and on Sundays.

Evening timetable changes are taking place on the 11 and Blue line (40/41/42), while changes to Sunday timetables are being made on the Green line (8/9), 11 and Blue line (40/41/42). Full details on the NCT website.

Finally, city centre stop arrangements are changing on some routes, as follows:

  • Go2 Pink (28) and Pink Line 30/31 – Stops swap.
  • Blue line services will continue to run from Queen Street, but the stop outside Argos will no longer be used. Buses will instead stop at V2, outside Boots – for easier access to the Victoria Centre.
  • Pathfinder 100 will no longer stop at V2 (Boots) and will instead stop outside Argos at stop V4.
  • Service W3 – Will move to the current 28 stop.
As usual, all information has been gathered from company websites and Traveline – so sources in the public domain.

1 thought on “July 2011: Service Changes Summary

  1. I presume the Leicester XPRSS fare will in essence be the Zigzag, which at £4.90 is indeed under a fiver! I dare say most, if not all, passengers will not pay at all though. The fare is a bargain if you started at, say, Bingham and the travel time from there is little different to catching a train (centre to centre).

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