Tramlink and integrated ticketing

A current Nottingham Evening Post report suggests that the long suspected operational change to the Nottingham Tram will see it being transferred from the Arrow Consortium to Tramlink. As with the Arrow consortium, Tramlink is a consortium of civil engineering companies, rolling stock manufacturers and a transport operator. In this case, Wellglade, the Trent Barton holding company is a member, and not Nottingham City Transport. Because of legal issues (which I still need to research) it appears that Nottingham City Council have no choice but to require the consortium to not recognise the familiar NCT day tickets and passes. The council seem to be taking the line that the Kangaroo ticket is only marginally more expensive than the NCT tickets and is an adequate alternative for most passengers.

The report suggests that the change will take place over the next “few weeks”.

I tend to concur that NCC are responsible for the Kangaroo ticket, and can set the price accordingly, satisfying many passengers. A greater threat lurks, however. The NCT day rider and easyrider/citycard products are well used, and familiar. They remain good value for passengers who need to use several buses a day. It is likely that potential passengers alongside the tram routes will retain their NCT only ticket / pass, encouraging NCT to actively compete with the tram, with a large enough guaranteed user base to make it viable. Such an action may not directly benefit Tramlink, NCT or the travelling public of Nottingham. The ball really is in NCC’s court to consider the impact of this situation.


7 thoughts on “Tramlink and integrated ticketing

  1. One question I’d like to ask the city council is why after a few years of Arrow successfully running the system have they chosen another operator over their very own city transport & creating a ticketing fiasco in the process. Cash or extra investment promised?
    Is this situation also going to cause NCT to have no option than to protect it’s income stream & run buses in competition to the tram (the city council could prevent that perhaps) basically it’s not fair if NCT have to withdraw service 48 & service 36 & hand over their customers to a new rival tram company.
    I’m not up to date with the tram decisions, was the Tramlink a better proposal over arrow or another example of councillors out of touch & getting it wrong? Who knows lol
    Also in the evening post report I’m a little concerned over the use of “kangaroo valid in the entire county” not true if you live in Stapleford or Toton as explained by Premiere recently via Facebook regarding service 17. “kangaroo valid Nottingham – Bramcote & Attenborough – Beeston only”,  not valid Q.M.C – Chilwell via Stapleford for example!
    Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against Tramlink at all, it’s an interesting situation the city council have created though. Will NCT be compensated once the tram line 2&3 is up & running & is this also why Yourbus won’t let go of The y36?

    • I have looked reasonably extensively into why Tramlink were the preferred bidder, and have met a lot of marketing speak, and few facts. I guess the tendering process for a project of this scope is quite complex. I live in Beeston, and yet since my final destination is only NCT served, I will end up using the clogged up Derby Road with my citycard rather than the tram.

      Based on Yourbus’ success on the Bulwell / Basford / Hyson Green tram route, and NCTs obvious unwillingness to share the 36/Y36 route, I suspect the tram will be a formidable problem for a one route company in the city.

  2. The kangaroo ticket is broadly the same validity as an easyrider. I tried to post a comment on thisisnottingham, but they wanted me to create an account. I couldn’t be bothered and gave up.

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