PE251LZ – An Introduction

Following on from Andrew’s introduction, my name is Simon and I’ll be writing under the name pe251lz.

I’m 35, live near the Lincolnshire coast and partner in a small business in Nottingham. I also lived in Nottingham for 16 years. I’ve never put it to any good use and nobody else knows that I’m obsessed with maps, roads and routes, both current and historical. As you might have guessed I’m also interested in buses and trains. I don’t know why but if I was locked in a prison cell I’d be happy with a London A-Z and a copy of the National Rail timetable! It’s a secret of mine – that’s why I’m so grateful of the Internet age!

Despite my interest in public transport, the car is very dominant feature in my life I’m very lucky enough to have a Mitsubishi Evo X. I’m a leisure traveller, but not as often as I’d like.

Posts will mostly be from the Lincolnshire coast area, the “Poacher Line” between Skegness and Grantham, plus Boston and Louth. I’m also planning occasional historical posts about the Nottingham area, and possibly other areas as well.

Thanks for reading & see you soon!


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