NCT Android App Now Available

I found this in the Android Market Place:

It does some things very well – in particular the real time information. I have entirely failed to make the journey planner work! Early days though.

If anyone has an iOS or blackberry device,comment if it is available on those platforms too.


4 thoughts on “NCT Android App Now Available

  1. I can’t get the Android journey planner to work either – suggests I use my favourite stops, which is exactly what I am doing!

    Alas they haven’t feed the real time information back to “the national Traveline NextBuses system” as “Catch The Bus” still has no real time data (would be really handy if it did as I would only need one app for Nottingham and Preston if it did!)

    Seen it working on my colleagues Iphone

  2. I’ve been using NCT’s iPhone app. Seems ok. Still more to come I’d expect, early days. Still thinking this new generation of technology is behind the new name for rainbow 4 ( i4 )?

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