Nottingham night bus wars?

A comment I noticed on NCTs Facebook page relating to the recent launch of the N68; “Night buses run on Friday & Saturday nights”, interstingly this was followed by the comment for now. They’ve also recently introduced night buses to the Yellow line.

The following day comes an announcement from yourbus stating buses are increasing the frequency of the night Y36 to every 30 minutes, no date given so that must mean as of this weekend.

It’s also been two months since trentbarton introduced 24/7 running on indigo and having recently observed loadings from town outbound around 1-2am in the Beeston area midweek the loadings don’t appear to be that promising, but only time will tell.

So what’s next? NCT increasing the frequency of the N36 at weekends and even midweek? Well, I’m not so sure, but I’d expect NCT to be monitoring the situation with further changes likely to be on the horizon.


2 thoughts on “Nottingham night bus wars?

  1. Why not get the GO2 services running 24 hours a day?? You could use midi buses Sunday to Wednesday, single deckers on Thursday, and then deckers again Friday and Saturday to match demand…..

  2. I agree. Something could be in the air after the recent Facebook comment. It’s not that long ago since Nottinghamshire Police suggested in the media it would also be a good idea too. 
    Again it’s all about cash. NCT have said before that the 90’s circular 7 nightly network didn’t work & was loosing quite alot of money. Partly I believe was due to the circular “round the houses” routes, for example Beeston & Uni of Nottm via Aspley & Strelley. & especially from the beginning, low publicity in the way of lack of timetables along the nightbus routes. All services where a nightbus also ran close by should of included the full network map & times too, within the individual timetable guides. 
    The current weekend nightbus network is much more favourable in terms of routes, but is Nottingham ready just yet for a nightly network? NCT would need the numbers to make it work obviously & so far with my observations of the 24 hour indigo midweek, numbers need to climb to guarantee the service continues 😦
    Also of note is the free travel by way of travel cards & dayriders etc. No profit/extra revenue for the company there…….

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