Fix My Transport

Just a quick post about Fix My Transport.

For a while it’s been bugging me about the lack of bus stop markings, flag posts and very out of date timetable information on the road near me. It’s a very busy, frequent daily service so in many respects, it’s very rare for Lincolnshire.

I came across Fix My Transport a couple of weeks ago, after having a look around I thought I might give it a go in reporting my concerns. Well what a result I must say! I was even impressed with East Lindsey District Council for replying, advising me to contact the County Council! I wasn’t even aware they’d been informed – FMT did all that on my behalf.

I didn’t get standard replies from both Stagecoach East Midlands and Lincolnshire County Council either. Somebody actually took the time to reply fully explaining which “partner” was responsible for what.

So far, I’m happy with the response. Both have said they are fully aware of the situation (both agree it’s urgent) and I should expect to see a result very soon.

Thanks Fix My Transport!


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