Nottingham ‘Bus War’ Poll – Results

I know this is very late coming, but I’ve finally got around to publishing the results of the poll I conducted to get opinions on the ‘bus war’ currently going on in Nottingham. I’d asked the question “What is your opinion on the increasing competition between bus operators in Nottingham?” and asked people to vote on what effect they thought this had for passengers.

Overall, the results were very evenly split – 26 considering the present situation to be good for passengers, while 25 considered it to be a negative. 7 considered themselves to be indifferent or unsure. 2 suggested alternative answers, one fitting better with the ‘good for passengers’ question, the other suggesting short term benefits but long term negative consequences.

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About trentsidetraveller

A lifelong public transport user, enthusiast and occasional photographer. My travels take me around the country, occasionally overseas, but my most frequent journeys see me cross the River Trent on a regular basis. So the moniker of Trentside Traveller came about, and now I'm blogging about my travels, and the latest changes to public transport in the Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire area.

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