It’s had it’s bus wars, operators have come and gone, trentbarton have finally turned their backs and handed the area on a plate to premiere! Where are we? Toton of course.

OK, it’s not strictly true trentbarton haven’t turned their backs on Toton as the Toton corner stop is as always well served by indigo. But let’s rewind to the very late eighties and have a look at how the Toton network used to look.

First of all there was NCT. These were purely competitive routes, in the shape of Fastline 506 Nottingham – Long Eaton – Sandiacre via Nottingham Road/Toton corner (the current indigo route between Beeston and Long Eaton green) and the 37 running via Dennis Avenue then via Derby Road into town.

Toton’s dedicated service from NCT was the fastline 507. I can’t remember exactly how frequent this service was (a friend suggests it was peak time only – can anyone confirm?), but Barton’s equivalent service number 1 was hourly and also extended via New Eatons Road into Stapleford. Service 1 continued for a few years after the war with NCT untill the reorganisation of the local services.

With the reorganisation, out went the number 1 and in came the 14/54 each running hourly. These services crossed the city onto what is now known as the Ruddington Connection, but 14/54 part is going a little further and we’ll go there later.

Back to the eighties and the rest of Barton’s services around Toton included a very different service 17 to that run by premiere, in 2011. Barton’s 17 at the time ran from Long Eaton Green to Sandiacre via Toton Stapleford Lane, New Eatons Rd, Nottingham Rd, Stapleford and Sandiacre Red Lion at an hourly frequency. Another service was the 27 via the current route of rainbow 4 to Stapleford “the Roach” and left into Toton Lane, New Eatons Rd, Stapleford Lane, Toton before terminating at Long Eaton Green. This service was also hourly, in addition service 27A ran at peaks via premiere’s current route 17 along Ewe Lamb Lane and Hickings Lane. I cannot remember exactly when the 27 disappeared, however the 27A managed to stay for a short while after the axe fell on 27.

Another long forgotten route is from another long forgotten operator, Stevenson’s or Erewash Valley Coaches, a service I used once and can’t remember the service number. Any help here would be welcome, it ran from Beeston, through Toton to Stapleford with an irregular timetable.

It can be said that Toton had quite a good network late eighties, even direct route into Long Eaton! My memory is a little tired with the dates and changes to the 14/54 but I know in the second phase of rainbow 5 (upping from 10 to 6-7 minutes) which happened sometime around 1999-2000, part of the resources came from the scrapping of Toton’s dedicated services. Out went the 14/54 and in came “connect 5”. Running using two buses every 15 minutes. This new concept for the area performed a circular service, connecting to Rainbow 5 at Westpoint and Chilwell Retail parks. Connect was great in theory, regular buses around Toton and a simple change for Long Eaton or Nottingham. Was that the problem? Didn’t people like to connect & wanted direct? Well the numbers weren’t there and not long after launch a half hourly frequency came about which lasted until very recently, when the service was cancelled completely!

So we’ve ended up in October 2011. What do we have left? Well basically the repeatedly reworked “local 17” from premiere, every hour with an extra morning and afternoon peak trips to and from Nottingham. Premiere are running this service currently as the old Bartons 27A route above from Nottingham to Stapleford, then as the Erewash Valley service from Stapleford to Beeston via Toton. I’m sure the Stapleford to Beeston section is supported by the County Council?

Taking a drive around Toton, it’s weird seeing the new modern county council bus stop posts with no timetable in the cases and the flags bare with no route numbers or service names. There are even bus shelters with no services and as a result no passengers to benefit from the investment in infrastructure!

Looking at Toton today, with trentbarton gone, leaving only premiere, something tells me there will be more to come from this part if town very soon. Are we about to see a new “Red” route along the current 17 corridor via Stapleford and the return of Premiere’s original 17 route which used to extend beyond Beeston via Dennis Avenue to Nottingham?
Well one things for certain, historic service 17 has been around the houses and stood the test of time, if anything it should be due another rework soon!


24 thoughts on “Toton

  1. Erewash Valley ran the 37 Stapleford to Beeston I where it interworked at one time with the 39 Beeston to Eastwood which ran every 90 minutes. They also ran a 36, every two hours, Beeston to Cotgrave & 38 Ilkeston Town Service.
    Erewash Valley was bought out by Stevensons in the late 80s who flogged it to Nottingham City Transport who eventually relinquihed the routes to trent (The 39 became the 229 – I don’t know what happened to the others!)

  2. Nothing on either the Premiere or Nottinghamshire CC websites about any funding for ‘local 17’. Normally both sites are reliable about what services are funded, and which aren’t. Also premiere only usually add prefixes to the service numbers of commercially operated services

    • Now that surprises me then, so if it wasn’t for premiere Toton would be completely cut off by public transport!!!
      Reason I suspected the Toton – Beeston section was supported was because after tb withdrew the 10 & 310 (yes attenborough did have a evening & Sunday service once) blue apple stepped in I think with a Beeston Toton Stapleford link, then came premiere….
      Thanks for the help humberside,
      Btw it’s an excellent blog you run over there, I’m a reader too although your a little more northern than skeggie lol
      If you have any information regarding the IC9 possible times changing, I’d be very greatful. Word is so far it’s only the Louth 9B changing?

      • No info on IC9 changes I’m afraid

        Premiere have picked up a few former tendered service and taken them commercial. The 7 to Calverton, and the 7.2 and 7.3 commercialised parts of former Veolia (as it was then) tendered services

        I’m sure if there was no commercial service to Toton then Nottinghamshire CC would have to step in with some form of tendered service

      • Think we forgot to mention Totons Sunday tendered service the 109.
        In operation by 1995 I guess it ceased about 8 years ago.
        NCT ran it every two hours Toton-Attenborough-QMC-Eastwood.
        Probably had other operators at times as well.

        There also used to be, not long after deregulation, an hourly evening service 174 (NCT again rings a bell) Long Eaton-Toton-Stapleford-Sandiacre-Stanton by Dale-Ilkeston – basically a joining of the old Barton 4 & 17 – don’t think it lasted too long…

  3. I honestly don’t remember, it would make sense the 37 number used by Erewash & the purchase by NCT therefore it would also explain why number 11 dissapeared from Dennis avenue after running along side the new 37 for a short period.

    • Pressed publish before I finished lol
      I have no knowledge of Erewash at all 😦 I’ve tried the internet with no luck.
      Thanks for the help Neil. I remember taking a trip out to Heanor on the 229, top deck front seat 🙂 around 1992, I didn’t know it was previously started by Erewash though, I just imagined it was a new service thought up by the county council & tendered to Trent! Was it a commercial service?
      & 39 to Cotgrave???

      • I have a pre erewash timetable for the 39 (1982) after the end of the bus war between Erewash? and Trent/NCT on the other – and could produce the weekday timetable as it was in early 1986 from memory!
        Obviously pre deregulation funding was entirely different. But I believe the 39 was started as a commercial operation by the founder.
        When Stevensons sent me a 1986 timetable (if only I still had it) the picking up restrictions were very poor – no locals Beeston to Dulverton Vale (at Cinderhill) and no locals Dulverton Vale to Eastwood Bailey Grove!!

      • Wikipedia:The deregulation of the industry under the Transport Act occurred in 1986 and Nottingham City Transport Limited was formed. In 1988 the Company purchased Stevenson’s Bus Services at Ilkeston and formed a subsidiary company Erewash Valley Services Ltd; these services were integrated with the main company in 1990.

    • An image but its a stevensons bus at Eastwood at
      HTD 324K

      And WHAT was the 35 (I have no idea!!)
      YED 274K

      but I’m struggling to find even a mention of erewash anywhere online, sorry!

  4. Sorry 36!! to Cotgrave, (not reading correctly) can’t imagine what route that would of taken, perhaps with the 37 running via Dennis avenue, it did the same then passed the qmc into town?

    • 36 run out of Beeston same way as 39 via Broadgate, Uni Blvd & Dunkirk to QMC.
      36 then went on via Ring Rd, Farnborough Rd, Ruddington, Bunny, Keyworth, Tollerton to Cotgrave.

  5. Erewash/NCT 39 must have passed to Trent as the 229 around September 1990 as I started my last year in sixth form then and Trent were running the school bus by then.
    Prior to the 229 Trent had (to my knowledge) only ever run into Beeston once before – that being running the post 1800hrs journeys on Stevensons 39 on tender. Some of the Langley Mill drivers didn’t know how to get from QMC to Beeston and often didn’t make it all the way!!

    • Thanks Neil, your information is priceless!
      You should write us an article sharing your knowledge about Erewash valley, routes, history etc. I’m sure mr Trentside would love to read about the company or even write on Wikipedia (strangely limited information on the web). My knowledge is based on what I remember seeing back in the day. Remember there was no mobiles with web access or network maps & timetables was very thin on the ground back then. The trip I remember was the 37 from beeston to Stapleford, a dark winter teatime on a antiquated yellow Stevenson’s coach, after I got off I at the Arthur Mee centre I believe the service continued onto Melbourne Road?
      I don’t think kids nowadays (because I was only a kid then) have any idea of how difficult journey planning was back then! Again I was only aware of the 229 because I saw it in beeston bus station!
      Another “secret service” (because I never saw a timetable anywhere) was the D2000…….

      • D2000 used to be found in both the Derbyshire Timetable books & Nottinghamshire produced a combin ed 17 & D2000 leaflet when they were both tenders,.

        I actually have the
        Trent/NCT 39 timetable Mar 1982 and revision Aug 1982 and the
        Erewarsh Valley 39 timetable Apr 1983 if you would like copies.

        The 37 was a joint Erewash/Barton service according to the Apr 1983 39 leaflet.

      • Thanks Neil I’d appreciate that 🙂
        My email is
        So are you saying the D2000 started as a tendered service? I’m getting memories of the word “shuttle” as well as a recollection of a similar service from Dunn line, Sandiacre, Petersham to Long Eaton, shuttle d****??
        Those photos are great too, I recognise the area in the 39 photo, Giltbrook, Newthorpe lol

      • Nope the D2000 started commercial and then went tendered (still with Dunnline).
        It originally ran through to Friesland School at Sandiacre but was then cut back to Stapleford at some point.

  6. I’m thinking about a “let us have scans of any interesting timetables you have got” type of thread…

    Then we find some way of publishing them. There must be loads out there (I have a copy of the original Centreline free bus map from the very early 80s

    • I’ve got quite a number – I used a couple before. These include;

      City of Nottingham books – 1974, 1990
      Lincoln City Transport – 1980 (I think), 1991
      Lincolnshire RoadCar – 1974, 1984, plus various leaflets 1986 onwards
      Various leaflets from other operators – early 2000s onwards

      Nottinghamshire County Council;
      Mansfield Area Guide – 1976 (I think!)
      Bassetlaw Guide – 1987
      Various leaflets from 2006 changes around Bassetlaw

      There are also others, and when I have the money the collection expands!

      If any are of use, let me know.

  7. I used to have those NCT books that finished around the late nineties, in sure I’ve got Lincolnshire roadcars east coast guide from the mid nineties somewhere…….. I’ll get looking 🙂

    • I better not say too much… but if anyone would like copies of individual timetables I have….

      Trent 1972 (incl some other ops).
      Some Trent leaflets 1975.
      Trent area Guides (various, but all Heanor & Eastwood) 1978-1983
      Lincolnshire Road Car 1982 (incl loads of other ops)
      East Midland 1969 (incl loads of other ops)
      East Midland Bassetlaw Area 1982
      Midland Red Leicester, Coalville & Swadlincote areas 1973 (incl Bartons 12)
      Sherwood Forster 1995
      Gaggs Queenlink 1986
      Erewash Travel 39 in 1983
      NCT 39 in 1982

      • Anything roadcar I’d love to see Neil please I’d be very greatful. I wish I’d kept the sherwood forester too. This weekend I’m going to search high & low ‘n’ see what I’ve got.

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