Gills Travel – New Service around Long Eaton (from 14/11/11)

It’s like a breath of fresh air. For once a new commercial service is coming, not a duplicate of an existing route, a brand new service never tried before!

Ok, don’t get too excited, it’s only a daytime hourly shoppers service running from 09:00-14:30, Monday-Friday only. Introducing Gills Travel service number 9.

From the timetable the route looks like it starts from the Asda stop in Long Eaton, not the Green and runs via Waverley Street, Fields Farm Road, Bosworth Way, Tamworth Road (for the Train Station), Hawthorn Avenue, Thoresby Road, Wilsthope Road, back along Bosworth Way, Fields Farm Road and via Tesco. Then starts the Chilwell leg from Asda again. Out via Nottingham Road passing Toton Corner, Chilwell Retail Park and Westpoint Shopping Centres, left into Attenborough Lane, Chilwell Depot Corner, up and down the School Lane hill then left into Inham Road to terminate at the Blandford Road. From here the service will make it’s return trip to Long Eaton via the Inham Nook loop first before rejoining School lane at the Field Lane junction.

Looking at the timetable, personally I think there is a missed opportunity for the service to diver from Toton Corner to run via the High Road, Portland Road, Carrfield Avenue and Swiney Way (for the Tesco Extra store). Portland and Carrfield see no service since the withdrawal of the “Toton Connect”. It could make the timetable tight but still be worth trying. In an ideal world the service would benefit by also running up to the Banks Road top island therefore returning bus services back to all the areas lost with the withdrawal of connect. Looking at the timetable though, running via Banks Road would be impossible to achieve.

I wish this service all the success and hope it goes from strength to strength.


3 thoughts on “Gills Travel – New Service around Long Eaton (from 14/11/11)

  1. It is a toe in the water. Many a succesful route started out as a daytime only service. When I spotted it, I did wonder if it was tenedered though.

  2. I’m told it’s commercial??
    Yes, hope it does well, the main beneficiary will be the people of Inham Nook, having a direct link into Long Eaton. Gills should seriously concider running past Toton tesco extra for additional revenue.

  3. Yes, commercial according to the Derbyshire CC timetable. In part replaces the commercial Premiere 19, which will have lasted about 2 and a half months by the time it finishes. In turn Premiere’s 19 had part replaced former tendered service 19 operated by Doyles

    The one ‘advantage’ Gills should have is a lower frequency. Premiere are every half hour, whereas Gills wil be hourly. I’d guess this will more accurately match frequency to demand

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