Red8 Breaks Even?

Found on Premier’s facebook page:

Premier: Red 8 is well ahead of red 5 for growth and broke even 4 weeks ago.

In some ways they are using Red5 as their gold standard, and the growth on that service has been impressive, but was a slow start. I had assumed that the fare structure of Red5 had been below break-even to achieve this growth. If they have achieved break-even also, that is really quite an achievement.


3 thoughts on “Red8 Breaks Even?

  1. I’ve used the red5 “here & there” from the start & initially numbers was VERY low, the first one or two journeys was literally me & another passenger! it’s been a slow growth, I did notice at the start of the school summer holidays numbers was growing quite well. I’ve always used the same departure in the afternoon so I’ve got a good idea of how the service has “picked up”. Yesterday, first time I’ve used the service for almost 2 weeks, a double decker was in use, when I boarded I quickly scanned the lower deck & immediately thought I’d have a better chance of getting a seat upstairs, 7 passengers was on the top deck, 8 including me.

    • I think both the Red5 and Red8 have an edge, as they’re something slightly different. The Red5 is effectively replacing the old Long Eaton Xprss, running direct into the City, rather than via Beeston. People will no doubt be attracted to the short journey times. The Red8 is also about running direct, this time from the Hucknall estates. Like Toton, saving the need for people to connect.

      I get the impression that the Red5/Indigo corridor is more than capable of sustaining two operators – the frequency of indigo on it’s own points to that. I was less sure about the Red8/Rainbow 3 – given the cutbacks it’s face with the introduction of the tram, but if they can make a go if it, why not?

  2. New Red 8 timetable starts Monday , first bus from Hucknall Estates will be at 6:10am last one back at 19:05 Monday to Friday . The First five buses from the Estates will miss out Hucknall Tram Stop as feedback shows Customers wanted a faster journey time. Same with the last three buses from Nottingham they also miss the tram stop and go direct to the Estates. Still got the hour gap in the afternoon when the Deckers go off onto the Notts Bus 2 to do the school runs.

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