“local 17” – Toton: An Update

After my recent post Toton I thought I’d do a quick update following Premiere’s recent press release.

So far I’m wrong with my prediction that Premiere could be about to use the area as a spring board for an enhanced “western network”. Originally I was expecting soon a revised 17 from Toton continuing through Stapleford perhaps up to every 30 minutes and a new service via Attenborough Long Lane and/or Depot corner, Beeston bus station then as the previous 17 route via Dennis Avenue and on to Nottingham.

From the 13th November the “local 17” is increasing to a 20 minute frequency as far as Stapleford New Eatons Road. Hourly services through to Toton and Beeston will continue as normal with slightly revised peak timings.

So why only as far as the Magpie?

Premiere claim via their press release it’s to save the public a long walk to Nottingham Road/Derby Road but let’s face it, the furthest point is the Magpie at approximately fifteen minutes walk and most other places are probably only 5 minutes walk. New Eatons Road hasn’t the biggest customer base either, while Hickings Lane is already well served by the 18 and 21 from first thing till late, as well as the 20 on Sunday’s too.

I also noticed something interesting in the news release from Premiere: It’s time to switch to your local 17. “i” would. Typo? “i” don’t think so, not with the upcoming re-brand of Trentbarton’s Rainbow 4 which will become the “i4” soon…

So is this simply another way of premiere getting their foot in on the very busy Derby Road corridor in a new style after the “Red4” was withdrawn? Who knows.

New “local 17” timetable – from 14/11/2011


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