Skegness – Winter Changes

It appears the Lincolnshire County Council cuts are cutting a little deeper around the coast, with some more service cutbacks during the winter season.

This year the 1 between Skegness and Chapel St Leonards won’t run after 19:15, Monday to Saturdays. Originally under RoadCar there were only two journeys from Skegness after 6pm, at 20:30 & 22:30. The hourly frequency operated over the past few winters has been admirable, but was it commercial or funded by Lincolnshire County Council?

If Stagecoach can’t make the service work hourly during the evenings, whats happened to the County Council supported services once provided? Until this year, in the timetable for Stagecoach’s commercial half hourly summer evening services, the departures from Skegness at 20:30 & 22:30 were still marked on the timetable as being LCC supported. This ceased this summer, possibly as a result of the cuts made back in April 2011.

Sunday services will remain half hourly but will start 30 minutes later in the mornings compared to last year. This looks like it’s to provide a later finish for the 1 at 18:05 rather than 17:35 to compensate for the loss of the last service Sunday evenings at 18:10 on the InterConnect 9.

Moving on now to something I’m vey saddened to see happening. The complete withdrawal of the two hourly Sunday service on the InterConnect 9 between Skegness and Mablethorpe. I used the service myself on Sunday afternoon and a number of people were travelling. Funnily enough I did consider possible winter cuts but thought the service seemed “healthy” and with the enhanced 2 hourly frequency from the 4 journeys previously offered Sundays, I didn’t see the complete withdrawal coming at all. Going back to the 4 journeys would of been wonderful compared to nothing!

Something new this year sees the 1A off for winter hibernation, while the 3 remains in service. Normally the 3 finishes for the winter (being the open top service) and the 1A runs a circular route around Sea Lane, Ingoldmells Church and Anchor Lane. On analysing the timetable the 3 will run to the same times more or less as the previous winter 1A timetable, combining at Fantasy Island with the 1 to run every 10 minutes towards Skegness.

So in a nut shell, thats the summary of the new Skegness winter season timetables. The withdrawal of the Sunday service on the IC9 is a particular disappointment to your writer!


11 thoughts on “Skegness – Winter Changes

  1. I can’t believe there’s going to be no service whatsoever to/from Mablethorpe on a Sunday!! Could it be a service that gets saved at the last minute?? I recall the Connect1 from Grantham to Lincoln was saved on a Sunday, running every three hours…….

  2. I’m hoping it’s saved Ash!
    The (as I still like to call it) old 90 has a chequered history on Sunday’s. I think the summer 2007 season saw an hourly service & credit should be given to stagecoach or the county council for giving it a go. It can’t of worked as it never returned the following summer season 😦 however the winter services continued.
    I don’t have the timetables to hand right now, the original level of service was, before the two hourly frequency, two buses Sunday mornings & two in the afternoon. Last departure was 18:10 from Skegness. This in it’sself was interesting, why 18:10? Was this a preferable departure time? If we rewind the clock not far Monday to Saturday’s, the final departure of the day on the service 90, was at 17:10!!! & it was very busy lol
    I’ve searched high & low & can’t find the coast guide from around the mid 90’s. Now I’m certain the 90 was interwored with the service 91 (current route 1)  every 20 minutes, 1 trip 90 & two trips 91. Another story to this interworking was an half-hourly service between sandilands triangle at Sutton on sea & Mablethorpe, basically the service running up from skeg to mablethorpe then returned back to sandilands then back to mablethope & returned to Skegness. 
    Now last Sunday I used the 9 between Ingoldmells & Huttoft at 16:30 ish lol returning Huttoft at 17:50 ish. Cost £5.50 return. Whilst waiting at the stop, 5 minutes before the IC9 came, a route 1 bus passed with a “healthy load” only travelling as far as Chapel. Then comes mine, I didn’t count numbers but you could say there was visible demand for the service further than Chapel anyway. So thinking about it, why not interwork the service IC9 & the service 1. Now I’m no scheduler but isn’t this a better solution than leaving locations further north than chapel cut off from the outside world completely (except for the national express service)?
    I honestly thought things was looking better for the coastal area, perhaps the four journeys Sunday’s as old continuing on to Louth!!! But no we’re going backwards in time, back to no services for Mablethorpe Sunday’s joining Louth, now the Sunday’s IC51 have disappeared.
    The service 1 is busy Sunday’s during the winter hence the half hourly frequency. It got to the point that services was so late & full, well what do you do… I can’t see the return of the level of service back in the mid nineties ever happening lol
    Basically that consisted of a single driver running both the 92 only as far as Ingoldmells! Not Chapel! & also either the 93-94 (can’t remember) Skegness town service, currently the 2. These services was marked in the roadcar timetable as being supported by lincs cc. Also of note was the visible gap in the timetable for the drivers lunch hour 🙂
    After the cuts Lincoln has had to face, I can’t see any hope soon Ash. Hopefully things could turn back around in the future…..

  3. The evening timetable along the coast is the worst that I can remember. Before the days of RBG when the 91 between Skeg, Chapel, Alford and Louth appeared and offered limited evening runs, there was just the 6.0pm 1 (or 98) from Skegness, with the following journey at 10.40pm (Fri,Sat) which was a 90 to Hogsthorpe. I had hoped that when the cuts to evening journeys were announced, the traditional late journey could have been reinstated to run off what probably is the only bus left running in the county bar Lincoln Town services, the 9.0pm service 6. I bet the local taxi drivers are rubbing their hands with glee…

  4. Around the mid nineties I’m sure there was 2 fri/sat night runs, the first was up to Chapel around 9ish & the last as you said as far as Hogsthorpe?? But thats my bad memory perhaps. Your exactly right about the 6 connection at Skegness Dan, there’s also the 9pm arrival on the poacher line too, although the 21:02 poacher line departure is still well served by the returning 19:30 service 9 from Mablethorpe. As writing this though I’ve just checked times & found the last train to/from skegness is 20:15 & a rail replacement bus is at 20:35. I expect this is similar to the last couple of years in allowing maintenance long the line between skeg & Boston……
    It’s as if public transport along the coast is geared up for travellers, in some cases, over a hundred miles away in the evenings & not the locals. Try getting from Sutton on Sea to say Leicester or Derby after 7pm  it’s easy!!! Try getting from Leicester or Derby after 3pm towards locations further north than Chapel, latest from Nottingham would be 15:45 & you could do a round trip up the coast & be back for just before 11pm!
    Going back to the 6 connection, buses are so badly timed in the mornings that the first available connection is at 9am for Lincoln. The first bus down the coast is Hunts 7 from Alford arriving Skegness at 7:30, therefore the three departures for Lincoln before are impossible!
    I hoping to do a post “Skegness winter 1982 v 2011” soon…..

  5. Come to think about it, there may have been a return trip from Skeg to Chapel on the 90 at 9.30 the year or so before the RBG saw the (Non-Superbuzz)1 and 91, which in turn got replaced by the 8.0pm & 10.0pm SB1s to Chapel Point. Until the mid 90s, there was also a 9.30pm-ish 94 (Beacon Park) that started from North Parade to cater for the bingo trade.

    When Premiere reduced our bi-hourly evening service to just one at 6.45 to Nottingham and 6.0pm, 11.05pm return, I complained bitterly, but now after the Lincs service cuts, what we have around the Epperstone area is brilliant in comparison!

    • Lol as you say Dan, you yourself can leave mablethorpe later at night than the last service leaves Skegness for Chapel & still return home via the train & make a connection home to Epperstone!! So the current timetable works out for YOU ok but for locals wanting to return back up the coast after 19:15 “ya buggered”! Also of note the returning evening route 1 back from Chapel at 19:42 leaves 2 minutes after the IC9 which leaves at 19:40!!
      And tell me about RGB please dan?

      • Sorry, maybe I should have put it a little better- was not referring to through travel between the coast and Notts, was generally talking about the provision of localised town to village services in the evenings, how the lousy skeleton service round here now looks a lot better in comparison to the new Lincs schedules.

        RBG: Labours’ funding initiative to increase rural services from Autumn 1998, the Rural Bus Grant.

  6. Just noticed on Stagecoach Skegness’ web pages:
    Posted : 24 October 2011 8:13

    New way into and out of town for Service 6a

    New Route

    From Monday 31 October 2011, to try and improve reliability, Service 6a will run along Lumley Road and Grand Parade on its way into and out of town.

    The rest of the route will remain the same, InterConnect 6 will continue to use Roman Bank.

    -As the magician in Pigeon Street exclaimed, “Odd. Most odd!”

    • I think the reasoning behind the new route for 6A is to cater for southview park & the leisure/tourist passengers not only that though, since the traffic lights was altered at Lumley Square massive tailbacks occur along Roman Bank more so than ever before. So much for traffic flow improvements! That’s what was promised lol. If the situation isn’t sorted soon knowing stagecoach with the Lumley Road/Sandbeck Avenue fiasco last year, could the 6 soon be running via Lincoln Road instead?!

  7. Sorry Dan, misunderstood rbg lol (I was thinking RBG who was they lol)
    Looking at the pathfinder network around 2000 it was a good network with the 61 etc & yes it’s a pity things have become so bad. The point I was making was transport along the coast is terrible in the evenings now for the locals but at least connections are still possible for the late returning day-trippers. 
    It’s made it very awkward the 19:15 final service, last connecting service from Lincoln is now 17:00. I’m not a scheduler but it does make me wonder if it’s possible to scrap the 19:15 service & replace with a continuation of the 6 (like the 96 to Spilsby mornings) perhaps around 19:00 & at 21:00 to also connect with the last train arrival?
    Good luck with  11pm journey, hope your village retains it!

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