Bassetlaw Update

At the beginning of August 2011, Veolia Transport withdrew their final services in north Nottinghamshire. The routes had been run from the operating centre in Rotherham, which closed at the same time – the work in South Yorkshire passing to Wellglade subsidiary TM Travel. The Nottinghamshire routes were taken over by Yourbus.

Earlier this year, we reported that residents of Osberton were unhappy at the loss of their bus service, following the re-routing of the 42/43 routes to serve Manton Wood, outside Worksop. As a result, Nottinghamshire County Council funded the temporary service 42D, operated by Stagecoach. With the contract changes, the council have sought a permanent solution by re-routing the Tuxford to Worksop (34) service via Ranby and Osberton (now operated by Yourbus). To maintain links to Retford, new service 44 operates two return journeys Monday to Saturday between Worksop and Retford via Osberton.

Yourbus have also taken over the 9 between Worksop and Mansfield, via Church Warsop. The route has seen enhancements, being increased to an hourly frequency for most of the day, with some variations for school journeys. Certain journeys also operate via St Annes Drive (Worksop) on request, to provide the area with a service in the late afternoon. During the day, the area continues to be served by service 8 – also operated by Yourbus.

The 83 college service between Misterton and Worksop has seen reductions, with the 84 shoppers journey completely withdrawn. Much of the evening service now only operates on request, to set down passengers – the last timetabled stop is Everton, Sun Inn.

As a postscript: Stagecoach Bassetlaw are reportedly due some new vehicles soon for service 19 between Worksop, Dinnington and Rotherham. For those who haven’t read it, Focus Transport have interviewed Stagecoach managing director Gary Nolan, which offers an interesting insight into the company, and its area of operations.


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