New branch for the Sherwood Arrow?

In the recent Focus Transport interview with Gary Nolan (Managing Director of Stagecoach East Midlands), it was very pleasing to read about the talks regarding the possibility of a reinstatement of bus services between Retford and Nottingham.

I used to be a regular on the Sherwood Arrow, or the 33 (as it was known in 1992) between Nottingham and Edwinstowe. From memory at the time, the 33 ran hourly from Nottingham to Worksop, with a connection to Retford offered at New Ollerton on Retford & District’s service 36. I’ve been told that sometime shortly after I stopped using the service, changes was made, a new brand name, the Sherwood Arrow was created and the service was reduced to the current level of two hourly. Since then the timetable hasn’t changed much at all. Possibly this was also the time when the Retford connection was removed?

After reading the interview with Gary, I’m given the impression that the possible new service would only be a connection at Ollerton, allowing passengers from Retford to change for the Sherwood Arrow to Nottingham.

In an ideal world wouldn’t it be great for Stagecoach and Notts County Council to join forces and create an hourly service between Nottingham and New Ollerton, with two hourly services to both Worksop and Retford.

Hopefully some good news to come, watch this space.

(I was originally going to add some information on historical timetables between Bassetlaw and Nottingham to the end of this post, however, I’ve decided there is enough material for a new post in its entirety. Expect this to follow in a few days – Trentside Traveller)


1 thought on “New branch for the Sherwood Arrow?

  1. My ideas would be to run two branches of the Sherwood Arrow from Ollerton, with SA2 running the same as present to Worksop, but a new SA3 running to Retford via Kirton and Tuxford, both every two hours during the day, doubling on the Ollerton to Nottingham stretch to every hour. Re-introduce the 13 to Wellow, as the SA3 would cover Ollerton to Kirton.

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