Changes for TrentBarton 21

TrentBarton’s 21 service, between Ilkeston, Kirk Hallam, Stapleford and Nottingham is subject to some timetable changes in December 2011. The timetable has remained relatively stable in the past, and this latest round of changes largely affect only evening journeys.

The service was renumbered from Barton’s historic 51 a few years ago. The Sunday service was numbered 518 in the very early 1990s and ran via the 51 route to Bramcote (Sherwin Arms) then as route 18. This service was renumbered 20 at the same time as the 21 was rebranded.

It’s no surprise the main changes are the evenings. The last experience I had using the service was summer 2010 around 20:00 from Pasture Road, Stapleford towards Nottingham. After I had boarded, there was a grand total of 3 passengers.

The changes only affect Monday to Thursday evenings, with Friday and Saturday evening services remain unchanged. Also there are some peak time tweaks and an afternoon school journey omitting Kirk Hallam.

The Monday to Thursday evening journeys soon to be withdrawn are:-

From Nottingham at
20:50 & 22:50

From Ilkeston at
19:55 & 21:55

It’s a disappointment to see the 22:50 departure from Nottingham ending midweek however both this and the 23:50 weekend service will still continue as present.

These changes commence from the 05th December 2011.

New 21 Timetable (External Link)


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