PC Coaches – Service 4B

These days, we don’t normally cover the Lincoln area, but in this case we’re going to make an exception. PC Coaches are launching a new service from the 12th December 2011.

The new 4B doesn’t actually run into Lincoln, but runs between the villages of Cherry Willingham, Fiskerton and Nettleham. Departures from Hawthorn Avenue in Cherry Willingham are at 0915 and 1430, with returns from Nettleham leaving at 1130 and 1700.

When I saw the initial VOSA registration, I’d assumed this service would allow the bus from the 551 (Washingborough to Cherry Willingham School) to get to Nettleham in time to begin its duties on the 4 (also know as Colin’s Super Service after its long serving driver). This doesn’t appear to be the case given the timetable.

I’m wondering whether the service is a result of PC Coaches’s recent consultation on new services in the Lincoln area? If so, it’s certainly an interesting new route, and I wish them success with it.

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