Felix of Stanley: Sold

I’d heard rumours for a few weeks, but it has been confirmed today that TrentBarton are to purchase Felix – who jointly provide the Ilkeston Flyer and Black Cat services.

Wellglade have assured that there will be no job losses for the 10 Felix staff who work on the two bus services.

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A lifelong public transport user, enthusiast and occasional photographer. My travels take me around the country, occasionally overseas, but my most frequent journeys see me cross the River Trent on a regular basis. So the moniker of Trentside Traveller came about, and now I'm blogging about my travels, and the latest changes to public transport in the Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire area.

5 thoughts on “Felix of Stanley: Sold

  1. Mmmm why. Financial problems for Felix then 😦 I thought Felix couldn’t be sold while returning a profit?
    It’s sad news. Nothing to do with Premiere as suspected lol…….
    I hope trentbarton retain the Felix name although that could be difficult within the black cat brand (copyright & cat food lol) I for one don’t want to see another historic name disappear locally, even if it’s in a watered down fashion like the South Notts bus co.

  2. From the Trent site:

    “Customers using bus services between Ilkeston and Derby have been assured that service levels will remain the same following their sale to Wellglade – which also owns trent barton.

    The purchase of the bus services, run by Stanley-based Felix, will not result in any job losses amongst the ten members of staff who work on the ilkeston flyer and black cat services.”

    It does say ‘Bus services’ rather than ‘Bus Company’ – so have they just taken the routes and perhaps Felix will just concentrate on their coaching operation? Just wondering the about the wording of the actual statement!

    • I believe it’s no more Felix 😦
      Not sure exactly if it’s the coaches or the work swiftsure have acquired? Trentbarton are taking the bus services & the depot at Stanley I guess will be sold separately as it’s an ideal site for redevelopment, either industrial or residential. 

  3. From the Derby Telegraph quoting Trent:

    Mr Counsell said Felix would retain its own brand name and would continue its coach operations.

    So all a little unclear at present…

    • As far as I believe Felix couldn’t be sold to Trent. If thats true some legal team must of found a loophole in that by selling to wellglade & wellglade in turn operating the services under Midland General, Technically “Trent” isn’t involved!
      Back to your previous comment, I’d expect the statement from Trent was very very carefully worded. Also the Felix name will more than Likely become a “brand” I’d imagine.

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