Yourbus Y34

Next move by Yourbus appears the Y34 from 29th January 2012, running Friday and Saturday nights from Victoria Centre via the University of Nottingham campus to Beeston Bus Station, during term times only.

Also from the same date, there is a variation to Y36. Is this variation the NY36 perhaps?NCT already run their N36 via the University campus, so are Yourbus trying to further cash in on the student trade by ending the current NY36 trips via Lenton Abbey and diverting them through the campus? Obviously without timetables, it’s difficult to speculate.


1 thought on “Yourbus Y34

  1. Minor changes really.

    Y36: Slight augmentation to evening services, and a minor reduction to Saturday morning services.

    Y34: Augments the Y36 to every 15 mintes after midnight, Fridays and Saturdays, with the Y34 going via Beeston Lane Ubiversity Campus rather than Derby Road

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