A New Skylink for Nottingham

In a recent flurry of website postings, Trent Barton have announced that they intend to (or have already) registered a new service from Nottingham Broadmarsh bus station to East Midlands Airport from 25th March.

Nottingham City Transport have announced on their site that they intend to de-register the existing Nottingham City Council / East Midlands Airport sponsored Skylink service. TB intend to use Skylink as the new service’s brand, and NCT state that competition regulations require them to discontinue to sponsored service .

The TB service has broadly the same departure points in Nottingham as the existing service (Broadmarsh & Friar Lane) but will no longer call at the Station Front. The service continues via Castle Boulevard / Dunkirk / Beeston (Queens Road only), Long Eaton, Sawley, Castle Donington and finally EMA. One journey an hour will continue to Loughborough. The journey time is stated as 55 minutes, and departures are in line with the existing service, although no timetable is presently available to confirm this.

Fares are interesting – The emphasis is clearly cash fares – matching the existing service. The TB cashsaver zone C will be extended to cover EMA, and no information is given as to interoperability with other operator’s fares, other than the Citycard / Easyrider addon fare is discontinued. No details on the Kangaroo addon, but based on the wording of the posting, I guess it is discontinued.

These are the facts. This is however a significant change to one of the City’s flagship services, and I intend to offer some comment and analysis in a follow up post


4 thoughts on “A New Skylink for Nottingham

  1. Timetable now on Derbyshire County Council’s Website


    The service is more limited stop than I expected,

    This is a LIMITED STOP SERVICE, calling only at:-
    Nottingham, Friar Lane (stop F1);
    Nottingham, Broadmarsh Bus Station;
    Queens Medical Centre (rear);
    University South Entrance;
    Beeston, Queens Road (Mecca);
    Beeston, Queens Road/Station Road;
    Chilwell Retail Park;
    Long Eaton, Green;
    and all stops between Long Eaton (Green) and Loughborough.

    In tandem with this, Long Eaton Express is pretty much withdrawn being reduced to a single return journey a day. This should come as no real surprise, since Skylink is in effect a much improved LEX.

    • From 6th May LEX withdrawn entirely and Skylink has changes to stopping places. No timetable yet, but maybe it has been deemed that there would be value in stopping at all RED 5 stops. There is a £10 ten – trip to Long Eaton, so TB have clearly decided to take on the Premier service, but it probably doesn’t stop at enough stops to actually get at the prospective passengers.

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