Kinch 9 No More.

Kinchbus have de-registered Kinch 9:

Operating between Nottingham, Broadmarsh Bus Station and Loughborough,
Baxter Gate given service number 9 effective from 25-Mar-2012.

For anyone not familiar with this service, it is effectively Wellglade’s on road competitor for Premier’s Red 9 (aka X9) which was itself introduced to replace Arriva’s discontinued 99 service. Premier grew this service quite vigorously in its early days, to provide a much more complete service than Arriva had provided in recent years.

The service is a simple stopping service between Nottingham and Loughborough via Ruddington, Bunny, Costock. and Rempston. It is the quickest bus service end-to-end, but relatively slow compared to the rail service.

It is unknown whether Wellglade intended to attempt to make the “9” into a shared service. When all said and done, they have succesfully shared such services as the X38 (Derby – Burton) with Arriva and Pronto (Nottingham – North Notts) with Stagecoach. Not to mention Felix services.

Anyway, it is no more. With the additional recent de-registration of Midland General 2, and the Midland General 4 , and Premier Red 4 now just a memory, it begs a significant question: Is the Wellglade / Premier “bus war” coming to an end?


6 thoughts on “Kinch 9 No More.

  1. Lots more interesting postings on VOSA in the last few days;

    NCT – large number of timetable changes and changes to certain routes including the only recently introduced 15/16’s. As promised there are major changes/renumber of 70/71/72.

    Trent – High Peak appears to be staring on 26 March as there are several Bowers registrations on existing Trent services. Interestingly, Transpeak is split into 4 seperate registrations. Is this just a technicality or will there now be 4 distinct stages?

    Also, there is no Nottm to Derby stage. I suppose this is to be expected given that Trent will want to protect one of their flagship routes against a joint (mainly Bowers / Centrebus) operation.

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