Red Flyer it is!

Piecing together the snippets of information released by Premier on their Facebook page is making their intentions for the Nottingham to East Midlands Airport service clearer.

The situation as announced is:

  • An hourly service, via Clifton
  • Similar journey time as the NCC service, but not via the A453.
  • Operated by coach – not double decker (presumably because of the railway bridge at Kingston-on-Soar).
  • Seat bookings available for passengers using the full route, but will be stopping at intermediate stops.
  • No detailed times, fares of even a VOSA registration yet.

Premier now have quite a simple zoned fare structure, which shows EMA (which they don’t currently serve) as two zones from Nottingham – This is £2 single £3.50 two-trip based on their standard fares. Whether there is an introductory discount stands to be seen.

One likely route is to take the existing NCT No. 1 route from Nottingham to Gotham, then adopt what NCT call the Skylink “full diversion” via Kingston, Packington Hill (Kegworth) – but may include Kegworth Centre, and Pegasus Business Park. I can’t see an easy way of including East Midlands Parkway without adding a significant time penalty.

Premier’s record of resurrecting abandoned services is good. Red 9 shows what can be achieved with determination, and Red 5 made a success, where Long Eaton Express struggled.

I for one wish them well with the venture, and look forward to the half-hourly upgrade!


7 thoughts on “Red Flyer it is!

    Registration Accepted
    Starting Point: Nottingham
    Finish Point: East midlands Airport
    Via: Clifton, kegworth
    Service Number: Red Flyer
    Service Type: Limited Stop
    Effective Date: 23-MAR-2012
    Other Details: 7 days a week, 24 hours a day Every 60 Min

    Above courtesy of Travel East Midlands Boards.

  2. I too wish them well.
    With regard to the question of serving East Midlands Parkway, quite frankly I don’t think it matters. I firmly believe that the station is a complete white elephant. If it had been there in Beeching’s time, it would have been closed, airport or not! Firstly, there was a shuttle bus to the Airport, this was discontinued due to lack of use, then taxi companies declined to stand there, again due to lack of custom. The fact is that EMP was a political thing which had so much money poured into it that all concerned have to pretend it is a wonderful thing and talk it up at every opportunity. I really think that East Midlands Trains would be glad to be rid of it if it weren’t a condition of the franchise that they have to stop there!
    So, ‘Red Flyer’ make a success of your proposal by not calling at East Midlands Parkway, by not getting caught up in horrendous jams on the 453 and by not making an unnecessary detour for imaginary passengers!

    • East Midlands Parkway has certainly had its issues, but I think a white elephant is a little harsh!

      EMT have suggested that the 2011 usage of the station has been in the order of 450k passengers, and has seen a 120% increase over 2010.

      It is easy to get overexcited with this: It makes it as busy as Newark Castle or Beeston! That said, there has been one major misconception about the purpose of EMP. It was never really intended to be a major gateway to East Midlands Airport, to the extent that EMT announce “connections for ema” at Loughborough and Derby, but seldom at EMP (I wonder why!). A very small proportion of EMA’s passengers travel by public transport anyway, a combination of primarily leisure flights (both charter & low cost) combined with relatively cheap parking assures “family carfulls”,

      EMP’s real purpose is as a park-and-ride railhead for the South East, used mainly by passengers who choose, or need to drive to the station. It is seen by many as simply easier than driving to Derby or Nottingham. Most journeys are peak journeys making the place a morgue during the day. Still unlike Beeston with its fair share of £2.10 cheap day returns to Nottingham, it is fair to assume that the bulk of the 450k passengers are travelling on £100+ tickets, potentially making the station a reasonamble earner.

      • An ajunct to this thread – Red Flyer COULD serve Ratcliffe on Soar and the back entrance of EMP by establishing a stop on the main road just after the railway bridge at the village entrance, at little or no cost to the service. It would be about 10 minutes walk to the station, but would probably be more use to the village itself and the E.ON site.

  3. The service does not go underneath the low bridge at Kingston-upon-Soar. It runs the same way as the Uni Hopper on weekends from Clifton to Kegworth via A453 and Ratcliffe-upon-Soar. Double deckers could be used if necessary.

    • Didn’t see this one coming! I suspect NCT didn’t either. I’m pretty sure that the “bulking up” of the 1 / N1 was a response to the likely competition for Gotham and East Leake, which Red Flyer simply bypasses.

      The height of the coach requiring a diversion via Sutton Bonington, plus time constraints have probably make the longer route unfeasable.

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