NCT March Service Revision.

NCT have sought approval to make a significant number of service changes, largely from 25th March 2012. The details are:


  • 78/79
  • Skylink
  • 70/71/72


  • 70/71 – Nottingham -> Bulwell via Sherwood Rise and Basford
  • 76/78 – Nottingham -> Strelley via Alfreton Rd
  • 79 – Nottingham -> Arnold via Alfreton Road, Nutall Road, Bells Lane Estate, Bulwell, Rise Park and Bestwood Park

Variation (Timetable):

  • 40/41, 56/59, 58, Citytlink 1, 68/69,Worklink 3&4,39,6/6A,35,37, 8,9

Variation (Timetable & Route)

  • 10. 11, 13, 5, 7,15, 16

A lot there! The main interest as usual is the de- and re-registrations. This seems to be a recast of the more minor “yellow” routes. The main corridors seem the same, and frequencies are seemingly similar. When combined with 68/69 changes, is this a move on the tram? Too early to say until the timetables are available. Skylink comes as no surprise, and the others could be quite minor.


7 thoughts on “NCT March Service Revision.

  1. Whilst I am sure the tram has entered NCT’s thought process, I believe the reworking of the 70/71 and the 79 is more due to fact that the current Arnold – Rise Park – Bulwell working simply does not have the capacity required, as evidenced by the vocal criticism of this route on NCT’s Facebook page for a good few months. Interestingly, there is a suggestion that the 79 will be worked by Omnidekka’s which in itself may mean a re-rotueing around rise park and top valley.

    It will also be interesting to see if the 15/16 is worked with larger vehicles.

  2. And as a side issue is the 6 being down graded from a GO2 route?

    I have seen a number of omnidekkas on the 6 with the GO2 and ‘every 10 minute’ logos removed, although the ‘green line 6’ decals have been updated into the latest style.

  3. This will be the first time in histroy that the 79 (previously the 33 and before that the 7) has journeyed further than Bulwell Bus Station. The links to Tesco and Morrisons and onto Arnold will no doubt be well used by residents of Bells Lane & Nuthall Road.
    I understand the 70/1 are still running as far as Morrisons for shopping purposes. Be interesting to see where they terminate evenings/sundays.

  4. Further interesting developments today for NCT on their website/FB and on VOSA with significant improvements to Clifton services (namely 1 / 2 / 3) as well as the introduction of a 7 day a week night bus service. All in response to Skylink withdrawal and possibly as a defensive measure against redflyer??

    Elsewhere, also on NCT FB page ‘brand new buses’ are promised for the revised 70/71 service. I haven’t seen any details of further bus orders, so could this be some solo SR’s being moved from the 15/16’s ?

    • The changes to the 1 plugs the gap left by the Skylink withdrawal, so I tend to concur that the improvement to the combined service along Clifton Lane is a direct response to having Premier on the route. Perhaps the most interesting aspect to this is the N1, being 7 day. The first time for a few years that NCT have had a 24/7 service (other than Skylink). Almost makes we wonder if it is a first stage for the reintroduction of at least a limited Sunday – Thursday night service on other routes

  5. Once the dust has settled on these changes, the main aim appears to be to reduce the mileage of more lightly used services and offpeak journeys. This is probably a response to the reduction of the BSOG, making some of the more tenuous journeys on some routes less viable. It is interesting that the Lenton Abbey part of service 13 has been cut back, since this meets a huge level of competition on the rest of the route (36 / Y36 – already massively overbussed offpeak – at Beeston, and Red 5 / Skylink for the remainder of the route)

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