Lincoln Tour Bus

Some interesting news from Lincoln, is that Stagecoach are re-launching the open top bus tour around the city, in partnership with local organisations Lincoln BIG and Visit Lincolnshire. The bus will operate daily between 1st July and 2nd September – and at selected weekends.

The previous service (run under the Guide Friday brand) was withdrawn in 2004, as it was making insufficient revenue and the need to replace the ageing Leyland Atlantean double deckers.

More information can be found on the Lincolnite website.

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A lifelong public transport user, enthusiast and occasional photographer. My travels take me around the country, occasionally overseas, but my most frequent journeys see me cross the River Trent on a regular basis. So the moniker of Trentside Traveller came about, and now I'm blogging about my travels, and the latest changes to public transport in the Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire area.

2 thoughts on “Lincoln Tour Bus

  1. I’ve sometimes wondered if peak tourist season bus tours could be worthwhile in a number of Midlands cities. Birmingham, Leicester and perhaps Nottingham spring to mind.

    What is different here is the fact that the service is assisted by the tourism promotion bodies. This may well make the difference between a commercial service which struggles, and an asset for tor tourism in the city in question.

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