Rushcliffe Changes – May 2012

A number of changes have been registered by Premier in  Rushcliffe.


51. Upper Broughton – Keyworth – Nottingham.
57. Bingham – circular.

Timetable Variations:
50. Colston Bassett – West Bridgford – Nottingham.
53/53B/53E. Bingham – Keyworth
56/56B. Bingham/Bottesford – Newark
63.  Beeston – Clifton – Keyworth

New Registration:

Red 3, 31, 32. Willoughby / Kinoulton – Keyworth – Tollerton – Nottingham.

This looks like mainly a reorganisation of Nottinghamshire County Council tendered services (it is April after all!), but it appears yet another RED appears out of the mix. Without further information it is likely to be a Melton Road service, following the established Keyworth Connection route, with the 31 and 32 taking in tendered routes, similar Red 7 / 7.1 / 7.2 in Gedling. Time will tell.


3 thoughts on “Rushcliffe Changes – May 2012

  1. It will follow the same route as the current 51/52 do: Central Avenue- Morrisons- Tollerton Lane, not Melton Road

    • And that it wasn’t direct competition was posted on Premieres Facebook page a couple of weeks ago so the ‘without further information’ line is a bit weak…

  2. This is an interesting development in Premiere’s services.

    Previous routes (Red 2; Red 5; Red 8) have all been more direct than the Trent competition. The Red 3 will actually be a longer less direct journey for the people of Keyworth.

    Are these latest developments a result of Council cuts? Certainly loadings on the routes that go through central avenue were very poor – even peak loadings could be counted on one hand. Has the council seen sense and pulled the funding forcing Premiere to commercially register the route?

    Elsewhere, it would seem that Premiere had a very very successful year to 30 April 2011 judging by their accounts!!

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