Really Good Customer Service?

This story has been in and out of the news for some time:

BBC Story

This is a sad and tragic story. There are elements that have really surprised me though.

  • Overall, I find Trent Barton’s drivers some of the best around. Whilst I acknowledge that it must be a difficult enough job driving a night bus, and drivers sometime have to make revenue protection decisions which are not straightforward, there is a big difference between a passenger deliberately evading their fare, and someone who has clearly simply got it wrong.
  • I was surprised that Trent Barton’s approach (at least as reported) was focussed on having “corrected” the driver in question.
  • It was absolutely depressing that no fellow passenger could find the 20p for her when it came to that. Maybe there was mitigation, the bus may have been lightly loaded, It may not have been obvious what was happening. And these comments are with the benefit of hindsight.

I think it is important, because this case has gained nationwide attention, that sight is not lost that for a large city, Nottingham does have good customer service on its buses, and tragedies like this one are extremely uncommon.

I’m sure with common sense, our operators can prevent anything like this ever happening again


3 thoughts on “Really Good Customer Service?

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  2. Hi
    Apologies for posting this here on this very unfortunate and concerning story (one I blogged about myself) but I couldn’t find anywhere else apt to leave a message.

    I had heard that the Pronto service, shared by Trent Barton and Stagecoach currently, may be splitting up into two separate services for the two companies. Do you have any information on this rumour please?

    Kind regards.

    • Interesting…
      I haven’t noticed any new registrations which would suggest that one of the operators have “overloaded” the service with a view to marginalising the other one. I may have missed it though. Shared services do seem to be in decline locally, and (whilst not in anyone’s best interest really) an X38 (Derby – Burton direct) approach may be what is considered – Not accepting the other operator’s tickets and passes, whilst continuing to coordinate timetables.
      I’ll keep an eye out for developments; and if anyone else has seen anything…

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