NCT September Changes – Update

Following on from a slew of registrations and amendments, NCT have released timetables for the upcoming changes. Overall it is service frequency improvements which characterise the changes.

Many of the Go2 services are having their frequency increased to every 7 minutes, up from 8. The timetables show “Every 7 – 10 minutes” for the daytime service though, so in reality, not much may really have changed. This involves services 4, 17, 43, 48, 58 and 89. 34 is increased to every 5 minutes, and gets an additional night service, but 37 is reduced to every 15 minutes. As previously speculated, the Clifton night service N4 simply replaces N1, and terminates at NTU Clifton campus.

Service 10 reverts to its original route, all buses looping Ruddington, but the core frequency is reduced to every 12 minutes. It therefore joins 6 as an “ex – Go2” service.

All other changes are minor in nature. In addition changes to Yourbus Y36 are very minor in nature.


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