High Peak reductions in service.

The following timetable changes have been published by Derbyshire County Council:

High Peak 62 – Chapel – Hayfield – New Mills – Marple – Greatly reduced service

High Peak 62A – Hayfield – Thornsett – New Mills – Marple – Most journeys withdrawn

High Peak 189 – Buxton – Peak Dale – Chapel – Chinley – Whaley Bridge – Greatly reduced timetable

High Peak 190 – Buxton – Peak Forest – Chapel – Chinley – Whaley Bridge – Some journeys withdrawn

High Peak 389 – New Mills Town Services – New route and reduced timetable

High Peak 394 – Glossop – Gamesley – Marple – Stepping Hill Hospital – Some journeys withdrawn

These changes are from early September.

The following services see no change at this time.

42, 42A, 58, 61, 63, 64, 185, 186, 199, Transpeak, 393 and 442.

60 sees a small service increase.

These changes seem to be largely as a reduction of support from Derbyshire County Council. There appear to have been no direct replacements registered.


5 thoughts on “High Peak reductions in service.

  1. There is also the 76 Buxton Town Service being reduced on weekdays (when it is a commercial service). Tendered Saturday service is unchanged

    A lot of the reductions are commercially operated journeys – though maybe concessionary fares have had an impact? I’d guess the extra journeys on the 60 are to partially replace the withdrawn 62’s between Hayfield and New Mills

  2. Seems to be some changes. The 60 is nown unchanged, with the 62 remaining a Hayfield-Marple all day service, at an hourly frequency Monday to Saturday, subsidised by Derbyshire CC. New Mills Town Service retains a Saturday service (I think it was due for the axe)

  3. The main reason for the service reductions is not cuts to tendered local bus services but Derbyshire withdrawing subsidy from school services. Many of these routes fitted around school services (76,62,189,389) and once the school service goes the infill goes. For example if itcosts £100 a day to run a bus and income is £55 from the off peak service and £55 from the school thats fine. But take away the school and the Off-peak service falls as well. And in these stringent times Derbyshire does not have the money to increase bus subsidies. So I dont think these will be the last service reductions in rural Derbyshire

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