Red Flyer Cancelled – A Worthwhile Try

The cancellation of Premier’s Red Flyer has been accepted by VOSA. The last day of operation will be 19th November 2012.

I assume that after just 7 months of operation, the service simply could not cover its costs. This of course entirely removes a direct service to the airport via the north of the river, and increases the journey time from the City to EMA from 35 minutes to around 55 minutes.It will be missed by many regular travellers.

i think in many ways what went wrong was that whilst appealing to commuters, the service struggled to raise its profile with more casual users. The better branded but slower and generally more expensive bus did tend to attract the families with suitcases. Linked with difficulties with timekeeping usage appeared to grow more slowly than may have been hoped.

Whilst it has been obvious for some time that Red Flyer had patchy usage across the day, I am perhaps surprised that it was cancelled in its entirety without first trying to tailor the service to its usage pattern.

When the NCT service was withdrawn, I did think there was scope for the northern, direct service to succeed. I applaud Premier for giving it a go. Sadly, that may be the end for the route – at least until the A453 works are completed.


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