Mystery NCT route 33

NCT have taken a slightly unusual approach of announcing a new service via social media prior to registering it. In a google+ post they stated:

Our brand new route, bringing new (and some old) destinations back to the NCT network is service 33! On the street from 22nd October 2012…

Notably a day after the proposed start of Yourbus’ Y28, and numbered to group with the pink line routes (although the original 33 ran to Beeston – much as the 13 does now – but as an orange line route).

Due to the early start, I’m sure we will see a registration in the next day or two.


1 thought on “Mystery NCT route 33

  1. It’s a replacement for Doyles 330. Yourbus have reregistered the 229 as the Y29 and put it back to Giltbrook Farm & Larkfields Estates so that section can be withdrawn. The 33 has been set up to provide a service to Assarts Farm & Strelley Heights Estates. New route is QMC-Middleton Boulevard-Trowell Rd-Bilborough Rd-Mornington Cres-Nottingham Road-Phoenix Park. Three or four journeys a day then extend to Bulwell Bus Station.

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