A Good Night at the UK Bus Awards for Nottingham

Nottingham did well again at the UK Bus Awards. Wins were achieved in the following categories.

  • “Making Buses A Better Choice” award won by Trentbarton for their promotion of  rapid 1, the car users’ choice, with NCT getting runner up for their Social Media & Technology promotions.

  • The Young Manager of the Year Award went to Tom Morgan of Trentbarton

  • The Chris Moyes Memorial Award for Top National Bus Driver won by Allan Gilmour of Trentbarton with Elaine Allitt, also of Trentbarton being highly commended.

  • The Marketing Excellence Award was won by Trentbarton for “Mango – no fuss – no brainer”

  • Top City Operator was won by NCT
  • The prestigious UK Bus Operator of the Year also won by NCT
  • And finally Nottingham City Council won the “Local Authority Project of the Year” for the Nottingham Statutory Quality Partnership Scheme.

Quite an achievement! Even if the view of the awards themselves is of industry back slapping, the sheer dominance of TB and NCT with Nottingham City Council re-winning their award cannot be taken in isolation. This is cementing Nottingham as the leader in almost all aspects of how a city should provide, operate and promote its bus services.

Well done to all involved!


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